Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Evolution of a House Plan Part 1

As you all know, Zane and I are still in the planning stages of building our house. Today I want to show you how our floor plans have evolved. I've had the fun of doing them myself. I sketch them up, then Zane reviews them for practicality (plumbing, load-bearing walls, etc.), and finally we review them with our builder, who also happens to be my uncle. A LOT more thought than I ever imagined goes into floor plans, but somehow I love the challenge of getting it all right.

This is the first version of our floor plan, and the 4th revision of it. Keep in mind, all the details are not shown on the plan- i.e. windows, etc.

What I'm not showing you is the plan for the walk-out basement, which would be under all parts of the house except for the section where the garage is. Here's a list of some of the pros/cons of this floor plan:

  • Roomy main floor
  • Lots of basement space
  • Good size office
  • 3rd floor laundry
  • Great curb appeal
  • Large basement footprint (which = $$$)
  • Small-ish bedrooms
  • Possibly too big, and too expensive

We loved this version, but we were a little uneasy about being able to afford it. So, a little over a week ago I started from scratch and came up with new ones. Come back & see the new plan in the next post!

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