Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Good Night and A Great Morning

Last night was pretty uneventful for Zane. His vitals stayed strong, and we heard this morning that they cut him back to 50% oxygen- another steady improvement! Each moment that passes without decline is a blessing in itself. When we went in to see him this morning, he was looking much better. They've decreased the amount of fluids they're giving him, and so his swelling has come down. His face looks so much better- still such a handsome guy!

More and more family and friends have been arriving, and we've had to take over our own conference room. There is a wonderful attitude and spirit covering this section of the ICU. We have come together to praise God that he is ever faithful and to continue to lift Zane up in prayer.

This morning a few of our "group" had the opportunity to go over to the other waiting room and pray for a family who are here for a man with lung cancer. They'd been here all night, and were very concerned about some internal bleeding. Zane's sister Christi and our [should-be-family] friend Keith prayed over him with some of their family members. No sooner did Keith finish praying, but the Doctor walked in and told them that they'd been able to get the bleeding to stop. Praise God! Nothing is too big for him.

Each day that Zane continues to have steady vitals is a day that he's gaining strength. We also risk more infection with each day the grafting surgeries are delayed. We trust that he'll be all set to proceed with the surgery on Monday. As far as we know, there is still fluid in his lungs. We haven't gotten any feedback on whether it's gotten better or worse, but we'll let you know when we do.

This morning a local pastor (whom also happens to be the father & father-in-law of some old friends) came by to do a short anointing service for Zane. Basically, we (his parents, my parents, the pastor and myself) went into the room and stood around his bed while the pastor read scripture and prayed for God's healing. While we were in there, the rest of the group came together in prayer in the conference room. Some of you may have received texts to join in the prayer effort simultaneously. It was powerful.

We are praising God for his continued protection over Zane and the healing that has already taken place. He is still in very critical condition, and we know there will be more bumps along the path, like Wednesday night/Thursday morning. So, we will praise God then too. Because, when the devil attacks his body, we believe that God is greater.

Again, thank you SO much for your prayers. They have been flooding heaven by the tens of thousands, and we know God's getting a pretty good idea of just how many people care. We will be ever indebted to you for your support and love during this time. It is irreplaceable.

Zane with our favorite drink. :)


Tricia said...

Such blessed news!

Continuing to pray,

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Our God is a mighty God! Continuing to pray for your family!

Mildred said...

Praising the Lord for Zane's stable vitals and for the family whose loved one's bleeding stopped. I continue to pray for Zane and you and the doctors/caregivers.

Aunt Brenda said...

Hi Courtney!
We've been praying for Zane ever since we heard of the accident. I am so thankful to find your blog for updates. This is one example of how technology is a blessing rather than a curse! We are to thankful for the progress that has been made, and mindful of the concerns and hurdles ahead. Please pass along to the family our care, love, and concern. You and Zane are such a wonderful couple, shining for the Lord. Lean on Him, and not your own understanding. We send our love to you and all!!!
Brenda Johnson
(Mike, Brenda, Zach, Alex & Missy)

Mildred said...

I have added Zane's name to Prayer Requests at Spiritual Sundays @

Also, I have put a link on my sidebar for prayer for Zane.

Anonymous said...

Courtney, we here in the ER at Houlton are praying for you guys. Tell your Mom and Dad that all of you are constantly on our minds.

Phyllis Adkinson said...


We continue to keep Zane, you and the families in our thoughts & prayers. We can see God working thru you and everyone else to help Zane.

I am relaying your updates to our church prayer line. They are all so concerned and in prayer for Zane.

Gods Blessings
Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Paul

DJ S said...

I have thought of you and your family so many times since I last saw everybody on that awful tues. night. all of you are in my prayers and thoughts good luck and I pray for a GREAT recovery. DJS