Saturday, October 30, 2010


Three weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought it possible that my husband’s life could be almost taken from him. I would have rendered it absurd to think that he could be involved in such an unusual and tragic accident. No wife ever imagines that they’ll be the one rushing to the hospital and pleading with God for their husband’s life. It all seems so far away, so removed from the smooth day-to-day lives that we lead. We hear about these things in the news; we see tragedy afar off. But rarely does it truly touch us. Rarely does it grip your soul and shake your entire existence. In our minds, we simply render such hurt and loss impossible.

Zane always believed in the impossible. If you were blessed enough to know him, you knew that it was because of his faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our God is well acquainted with impossibilities. After all, he’s walked on water and raised the dead… what else can’t he do? But sometimes we forget just how possible He makes things. Sometimes our faith is lacking and we don’t truly believe that our God can move mountains. Sometimes it takes a situation like this to make us believe again. Let me share with you some of the “impossibilities” that have strengthened my faith over the last few weeks.

When the electricity arced out from the substation disconnect, it made contact with the rail of the scissor lift Zane was on rather than with Zane’s body. Direct contact with 69,000 volts would have killed him instantly.

Zane’s neck, chest, arms, back, and abdomen all suffered 3rd degree burns. His face only sustained minor 2nd degree burns along the jaw line, ear and a tiny bit on his nose. His face will heal and look entirely normal. No one can explain how his face was protected.

His hands are just as miraculous. They were not burned nearly as severely as his arms. We are being told that they will heal on their own, without grafting. That, of course, is huge because grafts would make it much harder to regain full use of them.

At the time of the accident, my dad was only a parking lot away & was able to be with Zane immediately. My mom was working in the ER at a hospital she only works per diem at. The fact that she was there when he came in is miraculous. I was working directly across the street from the hospital. Dad picked me up and we were also there within minutes. Because mom was on duty, she was able to get me into Zane’s room before they sedated him & he was able to tell me he loved me. God worked out each and every detail.

There are two commercial flights out of our small town to Boston each day. We had just enough time to run home, grab clothes, and catch the last flight out. We got to Boston at the same time Zane did.

My uncle was in Logan Airport waiting on a flight that was delayed by 35 minutes when he got a text from family telling him what happened. Even though he couldn’t reach us because we were in the air, he postponed his flight and was going to head to the hospital. For some reason, he stayed at the airport and when we landed, he was there to pick us up. Had his flight not been delayed, he would have been on his way to Memphis.

Several financial miracles have taken place that allowed family members to be able to get here.

On Thursday night/early Friday morning (the 14th & 15th of Oct.), we were told that Zane had ARDS. I didn’t know it at the time, but this is often fatal. By the time Saturday rolled around, Zane had improved drastically, and the ARDS was no longer a threat.

Also on those horrible nights, Zane’s lungs were in extremely fragile condition and had started to fill with fluid. A chest tube was placed. By Friday evening, the fluid was receding and shortly thereafter, they removed the chest tube. We’ve been told by nurses that they can’t believe how quickly he bounced back from that night.

Several veteran nurses told us that they’ve never seen a neck graft look as good and heal as fast as Zane’s has.

We were told that it would be 30 days before we would be able to communicate with Zane at all. On day 13 he talked, responded to a question, and told me he loved me.

So, tell me what’s impossible and I’ll tell you how my God made it possible. Tell me one thing God can’t or failed to do, and I’ll tell you three things that He can and HAS done. Often our lack of faith limits the miracles that we’re able to see. We get blinded by realities and logic. But, how sweet it is when our eyes of faith are opened and we truly see God work! NOTHING is impossible for Him.


Dorothy said...

Courtney, I was glad to read about the details and how God worked everything out for you! It was the same way with us when Joe got burned. It seemed that God and his angels were one step ahead of us working everything out to heal Joe and to take care of us miles from home. Anyone that has been through something like this can never doubt the power of God!

Amy Cook said...

Courtney.. you and zane's love story is breathtaking.. and this story also brings tears to my eyes. he's very lucky to have you. i will continue to pray for his healing. Our God is so big!

Mildred said...

Thank you for sharing these miracles with us. As a blog friend who followed Dorothy (above) for many months during her son's recovery, God performed many miracles for them also.
I thank the Lord for answered prayers and we continue to pray for Zane to recover fully. God is using you Courtney to reach so many through your blog. God bless you also.

Sarah said...

Wow, that is inspiring!!! Thanks!! Hope you're hanging in there, girl. We've all been thinking and praying for you. So glad that Zane has managed the impossible:)

Ps. on a more shallow, silly note...I am loving all these pics of you two. You both look gorgeous in all of them!

Sarah Louise said... beautiful, and inspiring. It brought me to tears.

Karen said...

Thank you so much for taking time to share this, It blesses me so much to hear the many answers to prayer, and many occurred before we even knew how or what to pray!

Lorraine said...

AMEN!!!! We worship an awesome God that often carries us through times where we are unable to imagine. You and Zane have an amazing story, thank you for sharing the details of how this journey began. I praise the Lord for all He has allowed in keeping His protection on Zane as well as what He continues to do today in your lives. You are an amazing sweet sister in our Lord and we see how much you love the Lord and lean on Him. (Isaiah 41:10..." Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anciously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.") He has proven that many times....(Isaiah 41:4B..."I, the Lord, am the first, and the last. I am He.") He is our Creator, our Strength and our Peace........God bless you! Lorraine (Maine)

Carol said...

Not only is the journey you and Zane are on strengthening your faith, it is strengthening those who are praying with you.
When I read your updates and testimony, it resonates in my spirit. Thank you!
Continuing to press in....and praising God!

Anonymous said...

I will be passing this along to a friend who is going through something that looks "impossible" right now. God is using you and your faith in this situation to touch many lives including mine. I won't be suprised if a go into a Christian bookstore one day and see a book on the shelf maybe titled "Zanes Story" although I'm sure you would think of something much more creative because you are an awesome writer!

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

Courtney, I got goosebumps after reading your post -- so great is God's power! He had everyone in place to be there for Zane at the quickest possible moment. I'm so glad that He has also been by Zane's side this entire time, allowing his injuries to heal much faster. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Courtney, you are such a testimony. Your love for Zane and Jesus Christ shines through you updates. Pray for you daily - several times in fact.

Keep looking up,

Priscilla Phillips
MPS Retiree

All the Places I Call Home :) said...

Hi Courtney--I've been following your blog since a friend of mine posted your blog on her fb asking for prayers for your husband. your faith in Jesus and love for Him is incredible, and so inspiring, as is your love for your husband. I just wanted to thank you in particular for your impossibilities post, God really spoke to me through it. What a testimony you are giving to Jesus and his power! I am praying for you and your husband's recovery! Thank you for your posts and your honesty!

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

This is an amazing post, Courtney. It's beautiful to see how God is strengthening and supporting all of you.

Still praying and praising God for His miracles!