Friday, October 29, 2010

Through Surgery #4

Zane is through his fourth grafting surgery and everything went well. They ended up grafting the right side of his back and some on his right flank. They also patched a small area near his right armpit. The doctor told us that the right side of his back was a "deep dermal" burn, but not a "full thickness" burn. So basically, they had to debride the dead skin in that area, but there was a layer of his own skin tissue that was still "okay". It probably would have healed on its own, but would have taken 6-8 weeks. They did the grafting anyway because it will help that area to heal much faster. The doctor commented that he was "very stable" during surgery and that there were no complications whatsoever.

The rest of his grafts are looking good. However, his arms are looking tight so Dr. Pomahac said that he will most likely need a 'release' procedure down the road, once everything heals. It is very common for the grafts to contract as they heal. This often means that movement gets limited, especially in the joints. To give patients more movement, they make an incision at the joint, stretch the limb to where it should be able to move, and insert more grafting tissue in the gap. This won't happen, though, until all the skin is healed.

Zane will be kept very heavily sedated the next few days so that the grafts have time to take. Because he has a history of being rather antsy in his bed, they don't want him moving around and ruining the graft. We are SO THANKFUL that the entire back didn't have to be grafted! God heard our prayers and is so faithful. Thank you all who remembered Zane in your prayers. Our God is powerful, and he is taking such good care of him.

{Zane, 2 of his sisters, & I}


Kathysue said...

Hang in there sweet Courtney, I am sure you are exhausted by this point. Take care of yourself too. So glad the surgery was successful, it sounds as if you have a great team working with Zane. You both are in my thoughts and prayers,Kathysue

Marydon said...

Prayers continue to lift for Zane, & you, Courtney. Glad to hear things are coming along well for him.

Have a BOO-TEA-FUL weekend!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Carol said...

That is more wonderful news. Again, keep those updates coming. It is such a blessing and privilege to be praying for you and Zane on this difficult journey, and join with others to do so, and be blessed by the praise reports!
Yay, God!

Mildred said...

I'm thankful that he was so stable throughout surgery and that only the right side had to be grafted. Be sure to care of yourself while he is resting comfortably.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

Katie said...

So glad the surgery went well! Praying.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hallelua ... don't think I spelled that right. We are so happy for you and Zane. Keep those happy thoughts and prayers as we sure are. God is in control and this is amazing to see him working with us all. How great is our God. I love him.

Cindy LeBrun from Columbus Ohio

Cherie Harris said...

Hi Courtney,
My name is Cherie Harris, I am Mark and Kate Harris' daughter in law. I wanted you to know that Seth and I have been praying for Zane ever since the 2nd day of his accident, and have been keeping up with your blog. God has really been working miracles in both of your lives. Its so amazing. I also have a little group of people here in Springfield VT praying for him also. Happy Sabbath.

Anonymous said...

So glad the surgery went well! Thanks for the updates! I'm praying for you both!

Rhoda Kindred ~ Parker City, IN

Lorraine said...

Hi Courtney,

I was away most of the day with a couple friends from church, but prayed this morning at 7:30 and we prayed throughout the day. I was thrilled to see more answered prayer. We had been praying at our prayer group Wed. night for minimal surgery on his back if any. SO pleased it did not involve more area. Hope you can rest tonight as well as this weekend. He seems to have a wonderful team of doctors helping Zane to recover. God is so awesome. What neat pictures you have been sharing. Thank you for the update! Praying the fevers go away now that he has had this graft done. Rest in Christ........Lorraine (Maine)

Sherri said...

So glad to read Zane's surgery went well today! Continued prayers for all of you.
Sherri Jordan