Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where Is She?

Today was another big day. We went in to see Zane earlier today & he woke up again for us. The nurse paged the respiratory therapist to come up & place a device on the trach that allowed him to talk. He's still VERY high and very out of it because of the meds, but he was pretty responsive. He was having a hard time coughing again. The only words we heard him say were "it makes me hurt" in reference to the coughing. Just hearing words from him was fantastic, even though I hate to see him hurt.

The nurse told us before we left that his back wasn't looking too good and that the whole thing would need to be grafted on Friday. My heart sunk, of course, when I heard this. But, the doctor could have a different opinion and we still have several days for that to change. We fully believe God can still heal his back. So, we ask you to send up some FIERCE prayers for healing on his back. If God decides to heal it, the glory will go directly to him- it would be a miracle for all the doctors and nurses to see. If God decides not to, we will still praise him for the other miracles He has performed.

After going out to get a late lunch/early supper, we stopped back by the hospital. When I went in Zane's room, he woke up again. He'd been breathing on his own for a few hours. The nurse quickly grabbed the speaking device & put it back on because Zane had started mouthing words again. He looked at the nurse and said, "Where is she?". The nurse said, "Who?" & Zane responded, "my wife". AHH!!! The nurse told me to take my mask down so he could see my face. I leaned over in front of him & told him I was there with him. He looked at me and ever so quietly, but clearly said "I love you". If I could fly before, I could move mountains now. Mom and Dad both choked up when the nurse told them what he said.. and the nurse teared up herself!

They had to take the speaking device out because he was coughing again. I stepped to the end of the bed & rubbed his feet until he started to relax. I stopped after a bit and started to back away. It wasn't more than 5 seconds and his eyes popped right back open, he shook his head & wiggled his feet. I asked him "Honey, do you want me to stay?" & he nodded his head. So of course, I stayed and rubbed his feet until he was sleeping.

What. A. Blessing. I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time after the nurse told me about the grafting on his back. But, I should have known better than to get discouraged. God came right back with some even more encouraging moments. I am constantly reminded of His faithfulness. Our God is amazing.. I would not have made it thus far without Him.

Oh, and can I remind all of you that we are on day 13 since the accident & the doctors told us it would be a month before Zane would be at this point?!? Everyone talks about how young and healthy he is.. but I'm confident they'll start to realize before long that it's our Heavenly Father healing Zane.. nothing else will be a "logical" explanation. We are covering Zane's back in prayer right now & praising God for the incredible moment of communication today.


Lori said...

Amazing news! Praise God!!! What a mighty God we serve!!! So happy I want to cry, but excited too! I am so thrilled to hear this progress. Something that I have had in my head the last couple days is a saying that says "When God brings you to something know he will bring you through it" We have definantly seen God's hand in Zane's healing and he is young & strong, but I agree with you that our Heavenly Father is healing Zane! What a great witness to the docs, nurses, and others that are there.

Carol said...

Yes, yes, yes! And the prayers continue!

other-option said...

I am happy to hear your husband is recovering. It sounds like you (and him) have amazing supportive people around you - all that positive energy is working! Be well.
- Danielle

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but heard about your story from a couple in my church, Just wanted you to know that I am following your blog and praying for Zane, I so admire your faith in this time! It is amazing what God can do!!!
I will continue to keep you and Zane and the families in my prayers!

Sue House
Grace Brethren Church
Greenville, Ohio

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear: Courtney:
What great news and a great update today you give us. I am so glad Zane was able to tell you he love you today. He is recovering good and he will be healed before you know it. My prayers are with you and your family always. My pray will be that his back will be healed and he will not have to have grapheds on it. I am glad you have strongth and that god is with you.Love and God Bless:Donna M McEachern

Lorraine said...

Dear Courtney,
Praise God for such awesome news! Thank you for sharing with us what is happening at the hospital. More prayers are coming from many of us for the situation with Zane's back. Praying for the Lord to give wisdom to his surgeons on how to proceed with this situation or that it will heal quickly on it's own.
It brought tears to my eyes to know that Zane asked for you and that you brought him the peace that he needs at this time. I am so happy that you were able to feel a comfort as well. Stay focused and praising our Lord. Knowing that our Lord is in control and what seems impossible to doctors or others is not impossible to our Lord. Your news has brought such delight to my husband and I........thank you so much for sharing. HUGS!!!! Lorraine (Maine)

Sarah said...

great news!! I got me all teary eyed too! What a blessing.

Katie said...

Courtney, it is awesome that he is talking a little bit...I am so sorry that he is in pain, though. I will send prayers up for healing on his back. It's great that he's improving so fast- God is definitely at work, here!
God bless and keep you both.

Courtney said...

Praise the Lord!!! I'm so happy that things are going well and will be praying for you guys through his recovery!

Connie Bartlett said...

Dear Courtney

Praises go up to our Lord! Your witnessing of God's power and your faithfulness has touched hundreds of people. Zane is constantly in our prayers. We are praying that all of the skin grafting will be a success and we hope that the back can heal on its own with God's power. May his pain be under control soon. We love you both with all of our hearts. Happy Birthday, Courtney!

Kishah said...

Awww.....Praise God! Love is such a beautiful thing. I am so moved! I am keeping you and Zane in my prayers as always!
Keep holding on :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that we are with you everyday with our prayers and thoughts. Scott and Penny Madore

Kathysue said...

Courtney this is so wonderful, what a gift for you and him to be able to communicate the three words, of I love YOU!!! I am so happy for you, continued prayers and praise for what God has done and what he is going to do. May you rest in his arms of love and mercy,Kathysue

Debbie Sanderson said...

Thinking of you and Zane, so glad things are looking up, I so enjoy reading of your love and faith in our God, praying for a healing on Zanes back as well this week...may God continue to bless..Debbie Sanderson

Krista said...

I cry every time I hear about another one of these precious moments with your husband.

Thanking God right now for the healing he's already completed for Zane. Amen.

debbie said...

Courtney we are so glad to hear that Zane is coming along so well. Im sure God will be the one that does heal his back. I just want to let you know that Doug, D.J., Danielle and I are praying very hard for Zane. You are all in our prayers keep smiling Im sure everything wii turn out fine. God Bless you for being so strong.
Love Debbie Morin

The Cushmans said...

I check your blog every day (quite a few times a day) to see what God has done for you! He has been busy! I am so happy as I read this entry! I smile, I tear up, I pray! You have such a great way of communicating this journey with your are a talented writer and those of us who are following appreciate this! Praying for Zane's comfort, your stamina, the Dr's, the daily care of the nurses and for healing! The Westfield Road misses the West Ridge walkers and runners! Take care ...Warren and Sherri Cushman

Dorothy said...

Courtney, It's so good to know that Zana can communicate with you. Just keep the faith and stay strong. Joe's worst burns were on his back and all the 2 months in the hospital, he lay on his back! Now his back looks better than all the other places! I'm keeping you and Zane on my mind and in my prayers. God is the Great Physician! Notes from Augusta
a blog about healing.

Paul DeMaria said...

Courtney, Your faith is amazing and inspiring. Praying daily+ for you and Zane. We do serve an awesome God and He is revealing His best through you. Thank you for the updates, your testimony is truly a blessing and I know that many people who long for peace in their lives will come to know Him through your writing.

5th Belle Avenue said...

Oh this is so incredible! Praise the Lord!!! Praying this path of quicker healing and recovery continues!!!

Julie said...

I stubbled upon your blog for the first time today, I am so sorry that this happen to you. I am recently married myself and am terrified that something like this could happen to my sweet husband, I can't imagine what you must be going through. I will keep you and Zane in my prayers. You are an inspiration to me, you must be a very strong person to be able to write about it everyday.

Paula Sperrey said...

Courtney and Family,
I am so happy for you that Zane was able to communicate with you a bit more. I know it means so very much at this time, just to hear him say a few precious words. I want you to know we all read your blog each day here and are all praying for you and Zane each day as well. I will pray especially for his back to heal and not need the full surgery on his back. We are all behind you and pulling for you, Hartin and Wetzel families. Our thoughts are with you each day.
Paula Sperrey

Melanie said...

I haven't blogged for a while but I'm catching up and just read your whole story.

Sending all the prayers and positive thoughts for Zane. You are a beautiful couple and you have my admiration for being so strong.


Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney:

We pray for you and Zane daily and it is so exciting to see his progress. God is amazing and we send our love.

The Mahons
West Ridge Road