Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Years

Dear Zane,

Two years ago today, I put on a sparkly white dress & said "I do". I had no idea what the rest of our lives would hold, but I was so excited to find out. You were the strongest, Godliest, most handsome man I'd ever met and I was fully committed to following you where ever God led. God has certainly led us through a lot in just two short years- career changes, a cross-country move, house hunting which turned into property buying & house planning.. And finally, this accident. Looking back, I can see God's hand working through all of those situations to make us stronger.

On the day of your accident, my worst fear stared me in the face. No doctor or nurse could tell me that you were going to live. I didn't know if I would be able to spend the rest of my life with you like I'd planned.. I didn't know if I'd ever see your smile or hear your laugh again. You were my whole world; my inspiration, my encouragement, and my leader. I wasn't ready to lose you.

Apparently, God wasn't done with you either. Not only did He heal you miraculously, but He held my hand and carried me through the 4 1/2 weeks until you woke up. It was the longest month of my life, but also the most tremendous growth I have ever experienced. Without you, I had no choice but to lean on God and let him surround me with love. He gave me little moments of comfort by you communicating with us, even if you don't remember them.

Now that we are out of the waiting period, our real hard work has begun. You are fighting to regain function and strength in your body, and I am doing all I can to assist and serve you. I learned faith and dependence on God that first month. Now, I am learning what it means to truly love and serve you. I am learning what sacrifice and loyalty mean, and I have found true joy in taking care of you. I would rather be feeding you, bathing you, and caring for your wounds than any other place or activity on earth. You are my everything still, and I will stand by your side through every mountain we climb, and every victory we rejoice in. The last two years have been the best of my life, and I know that it will only get better from here.

Thank you for all that you have been for me, and thank you for humbly allowing me to serve you now. God has amazing plans for our future, and there is not a better man that I could have to be on this journey with. I love you as much as is humanly possible, and am so proud to be your wife.

Happy 2nd Anniversary,



Kate and Chris Borders said...

So precious. Happy Anniversary.
Rejoicing with you guys,
Kate (Victoria's friend)

pk @ Room Remix said...

What an absolutely beautiful letter, Courtney. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad that Zane is getting better each day and I know that good things are in store for both of you in the future. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Well you made me cry again but they are happy tears. You really should print and make a book of your journey. Take care.

Happy Anniversary!

Shelby Stiles

Angel said...


That's so beautiful Courtney! Happy Anniversary! God bless you two, and your marriage!

Mrs. S said...

I think I met you one time before you and Zane were married, but I went to church at Castine and I am Ben & Dan Fourmans cousin. I love your blog. and have been following since Zane's accident. I have been thinking of you all a lot and wanted to finally make a comment. You are a beautiful young lady and i am inspired by you and your positive outlook on life!!
Laci Sando (Hiatt)

Lorraine said...

What a beautiful letter, I am still choked up!!! You both will accomplish so much in this life because you have your focus on the Lord and what He has created in your bond as man and wife. You are a beautiful couple. God bless you both........someday, I hope to be able to purchase your book...hint, hint, hint!!! Happy Anniversary, and many blessings to both of you this year! Lorraine(ME)

Luke & Emily said...

Happy Anniversary Zane and Courtney!!!

Love Luke & Emily

Dorothy said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm always eager to hear of Zane's progress. It seems strange to care so much about you two, since we've never met and I know nothing of you except through your blog. It just reminds me so much of our journey with my son as he healed from his burns. You write really well and I agree that you should make a book of all your blog entries and more, pictures, etc. to keep as a reminder of what God has brought you through. I'm making one to give to my son and his family just so they will be reminded of the hills and valleys and the way God took care of every detail and did a wonderful work of healing in him.

Sarah said...

Tears..of joy!!! Happy anniversary, guys! You are truly an inspiration:)

Connie Bartlett said...

Dear Courtney & Zane

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding is still so vivid in our minds. What a great day that was when God brought you together in marriage. Your wedding dance would put the show "Dancing with the Stars" in second place -- yours would be the highest rated in the world. We know that God has something special for you both. I keep our church informed about your true faith and what a witness you both have been. I hope that sometime in the future you can come and speak to our church family. We missed you both this past weekend at your grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, but we felt you there in spirit. Your voice message and picture was being passed around so everyone could see it. We had a fantastic time and it was uplifting to know tht God was in the midst. We are so grateful for Zane's wonderful progress. It will be wonderful to have you home in the near future. We love you with all of our hearts.

Hirondelle Rustique said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Here's to many happy years to come!

Mildred said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Courtney and Zane. My husband and I celebrated our 19th anniv. on Nov. 28. Through my husband's sickness the last nine years, God has greatly touched our lives also. Still praising the Lord for your continued healing and asking Him for strength for your ongoing journey.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman, Courtney. I know you don't know me, but I went to high school with Zane and his sisters. I have been following this blog seeing daily how God is working in your and Zane's lives. This is a beautiful letter. Zane is so blessed to have you.

The Cushmans said...

Greetings from the West Ridge Road! Do you know how hard it is to type with my eyes leaking like this?!?! Happy anniversary to a couple of special people! Thanks for taking time to keep us means a lot to us!~~Warren and Sherri

Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney,

My dad was in Maine over the holiday and brought me home the newspaper that had your story in it. Your story is giving me goose bumps along with anxiety, nausea and flashbacks. My husband was electrocuted Sept. 16, 2008 while we were on our honeymoon. It has been over 2 years and we are both still struggling. I would love to talk with you. My e-mail is I have experienced what you are going through right now. Maybe we could give eachother help in some way. I could sure use someone who has been through this to talk to. Maybe our husbands could chat at some point too. I am not far from boston. Keep strong!

Halcyon said...

Happy anniversary! I read your blog from time to time. I hope you both have many happy years together ahead of you. Love your wedding photo. What a lovely couple you make. :)

Tammy said...

Your love and devotion to both Zane and to Christ are so moving. I have forwarded some of your past Zane blog posts to both family and friends. Both of you are touching many....even here in Oklahoma. Continuing in prayer for your family.

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear; Courtney:
Happy 2nd Anniversary to both you and Zane. I read your story in the Bdn and it almost made me cry reading. You do have a Mircle and I am very glad that Zane made in though it and that God healed him so quickly and that he is doing really good. I am really glad you are holding up good and you have faith in good and I love your letter to Zane and it was really good. God Bless both you and Zane and Take care! Donna M McEachern

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both, and may you have many more. Again you have touched me with your story and faith, and brought me to tears. You are both beautiful people. Gail Wieder

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. I was pretty sure your anniversary was soon as I remember it was near our date. God has been so faithful to you in your two short years and will continue to be with you in the future. Thanks for your updates so that we can pray with specifics.

Keep looking up,

Priscilla Phillips

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Zane. I am couple days late but you have been in my thoughts. We love to read your postings and on Thanksgiving, the LeBrun family spoke to God at the dinner table and asked him to continue with his greatness through Zane. You have touched our lives forever and while we did not suffer as you have, we have grown in so many ways. Thank you Courtney. Cindy from Columbus Ohio

Paula Sperrey said...

I loved reading your beautiful Anniversary letter! It is just amazing and yes, it brought tears to my eyes just as so many others have said it did! It was also wonderful to read your story in the Bangor Daily News this past weekend. I sat there crying while I was reading that as well! Happy Anniversary to a very beautiful and strong couple; I truly believe you will both be home soon. You are a very exemplary wife to put your husband's needs first in your life throughout his ordeal. Many others can take a great lesson from your story and your example! I want you to know that your faith has also helped me during a recent illness of my 8 year old daughter (she is also a twin, as your sisters are!). She's been having unexplained seizures for a few months now, and of course we've been very worried about her. We made a recent three-day trip to Portland, to Maine Medical Center and to a pediatric neurologist to find some answers about her health. Courtney, I cannot tell you how many times I thought of you and Zane while we were on this trip with our daughter. We found out that she has childhood epilepsy but she will very likely outgrow this by around age 12! I just want to thank you for giving me a wonderful example of having true faith in God's hand, as I was going through this experience with my daughter. Your ordeal with Zane is so much longer and much more painful, but I want to thank you for inspiring me and our family to ALWAYS remember to have faith in the Lord that he will decide things as they are supposed to turn out. I believe He made the decision that Alaina will have childhood epilepsy for a very good reason, and thank you for reminding me of that through your stories and your postings about Zane's accident.

Thank you Courtney and Zane!
Remain strong in your Faith,
Paula Sperrey
Maine Public Service
(my sisters Angie and Shelia also went to high school with your parents in Island Falls) :)