Monday, November 22, 2010

Amazing Man

Zane continues to kick butt in his recovery. Yesterday he walked a total of 16 laps around the floor in 4 different trips. He isn't really getting out of breath from walking now. His legs are getting much stronger and his flexibility is soo much better. His PT and OT are tough on him and he has a "bring it on" attitude so the two work pretty well together. His arms are getting much better- he can almost reach his face with assistance.

He's been doing much better eating as well. He still can't eat large amounts at once, but he's keeping everything down. He's eaten pizza, chicken, steak, and plenty of protein shakes. He had his first shower this morning, and had some testing done on his right hand. The test is called an EMG and it tests the responsiveness of nerves. Third degree burns destroy not only all three layers of skin, but often most of the nerves in the area as well. Although Zane's right hand didn't sustain third degree burns, it did get deep second degree burns and right now he can't feel much of anything. The doctors are telling us that he should regain movement, and hopefully some feeling. There's really no solid way to predict the outcome, but we have full confidence that God can both restore movement AND feeling. No one expected him to be doing as well as he is now, so we're totally confident that our God is in the business of surpassing expectations. Your prayers for his hand would be very much appreciated.

Zane is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30. He will get releases and grafting in both armpits, and possible touch-up work on his stomach. He's not nervous about it at all- just looking forward to having more arm movement. Yesterday he was talking to my mom and I (for those of you who asked, yes, my mom has been by my side this whole time) about how he was feeling about everything. I am just so in awe and in love with this man. He said, "It's not about me", and proceeded to talk about how this whole situation was more about the lives God will change than his own life. He is totally at peace with everything and has great vision. He said, "You can't look at what you've lost. You have to just say, 'Okay, here's what happened. What can I do about it?'". It's so true.. we can't be prepared for the journey ahead if we're dwelling on the past. There is no other human being that I could be so excited about taking this journey with. He is truly a selfless, dedicated individual, and I will follow him anywhere.


Marydon said...

What a beautiful write Courtney ... Zane is so fortunate to have you at his side. This is great news about his continued progress ... Thank God above all for this miracle.

Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Dorothy said...

Courtney, I'm so thankful for all of the progress Zane is making! He is like my son, Joe, in that he he healing better and faster than anyone imagined he would. I think that is because God is answering all the many prayers that have been sent up on his behalf. Can you even imagine someone going through a time like this without God???

Annie said...

so glad to hear Z keeps getting better!!! :)
i hope you two have a wonderful thanksgiving!! there is so much to be thankful for :)

Mildred said...

Hi Courtney & Zane, I am praying that the surgery goes well and I am praying also for the feeling in your right hand to return. I am very thankful for answered prayers. Courtney, you are very blessed to have your Mom by your side. Thanksgiving blessings to each of you.

Lorraine said...

Courtney, you and Zane are definitely an awesome couple! God knew He had a special couple lined up to do His work. Zane is amazingly strong in his focus and drive. You are an amazingly loving wife who stands behind her man. You are both selfless, and so allowing the Lord to lead despite this setback in your lives. Your mom is a special lady as well, to be by your side. Being away from home is not easy, but it would be more difficult to not be by your's and Zane's side. We will be praying for Zane's surgery tomorrow and the return of sensation and use of his right hand. God bless you both. Hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving despite the location. Each day that passes brings you closer to getting home and further along in recovery than you are now........Will also be praying for wisdom for the doctors as they do the surgery.....take care, Lorraine (ME)

Nancy said...

The two of you are so amazing -- thank you for your continued updates -- I love reading them and knowing that Zane is improving daily-- we especially want all to go well with the operation. We continue to pray for you both and your families too - it is such a difficult time for all of you - We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and may the Good Lord watch over you always -- take good care - Nancy Chandler