Thursday, November 4, 2010


Zane's fevers stayed down today and they turned his vent settings down so he's doing almost all the breathing on his own. We met with all his doctors and therapists this morning, and were given nothing but good reports. They're looking at getting him out of ICU & into a regular room on the floor within a week and a half or two weeks. His white count is coming down and there are still no signs of infection.

Mom and I were downstairs at Au Bon Pain eating some late lunch when his nurse called me to come upstairs. Zane had woken up some more & they thought I should be in there. He was much more 'with it' & responsive. He was very calm and would mouth answers to all our questions appropriately. He didn't remember where he was, but we told him & explained that he had been hurt, etc. He seemed to understand, but couldn't comprehend anything detailed that we told him. He was still coughing up a lot of "stuff", so mom and I got pretty good at grabbing the wand to suction out his mouth. He told us he wanted water & that his mouth was dry so we got him some wet swabs (he can't drink with the trach is in). Thanks to a tip from another burn survivor, I asked Zane if he wanted a cold cloth for his head. He nodded yes & loved it- always wanting me to keep it cold for him. We're slowly getting better at lip reading; He was able to tell us if he was in pain and ask us some questions (those that we could figure out). He loved having his feet rubbed as well & could squeeze my hand when I told him to.

He dozed off a bit while I was sitting at the foot of his bed. Then, all of a sudden, his eyes shot open & he looked very confused. He started mouthing things very emphatically, but I couldn't figure out what he was saying. He got increasingly agitated & angry, making very demonstrative faces & "yelling" (although of course, he can't talk). The nurse quickly gave him some more meds to calm him down. We were told that coming off the drugs wouldn't be easy, so we're trying to remind ourselves that this is normal. It's great to see him awake more, but it's also hard to see him struggle.

They'll continue to try backing off the meds, and do their best to keep him comfortable. Over all, he is doing fantastic, and we just need to help him get through this time. We're trusting God that He is in control and will flush Zane's body from all the medicines when he's ready. While it's not fun to watch, we know that it is just a necessary step in the process & that God will guard his mind. It won't be long now before the withdrawals and delirium subside, and we can really talk to him. Thank God for progress!


Mildred said...

I am thankful for the good reports you received from the dr. today and encouraged that Zane will be moved out of ICU within a couple of weeks. We will continue to pray as Zane is gradually taken off these meds. How wonderful that you were able to apply the cold cloth to his head as recommended by a burn victim. People helping people! Praying that God will give you and Zane both a restful night and strength for tomorrow.

Kathiey said...
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Kathiey said...

My goodness. I have not been keeping up with the blogs I follow and just read what happened. You and your family will be in my prayers. God is with you!
Listen to this song, "Be Still and Know", it gives me comfort I hope it does the same for you.

Marydon said...

What wonderful news Courtney ... may His healing hands continue to bring Zane fully to restored health. Each step is a joyous moment for you all, I know.

Have a lovely eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Kathysue said...

Yes sweetie, this is all good but very hard. Hang in there and take care of yourself also, Kathysue

Lorraine said...

"Bittersweet" captures the essence of your post. My heart ached for you having to see Zane struggle through this, but praise God that you were there to help Zane relax. As you said, it will get better as his body eliminates these meds. The reports of the doctors is a huge praise to God. You are so strong,too. Remember the Lord says to cast all your cares upon Him ad He will sustain you. Remember to do that when you feel overwhelmed. Thank you, again, for sharing your life with us. Praying for you and Zane and both families. Have a restful night.......Lorraine(ME)

The Clines said...

Great news! I'm sorry it's so hard, but it sounds like he's doing incredibly well. Stay strong and positive!

Zane's Mom said...

Now may be the best time for Zane to be listening to the ipod. There's nothing more powerful than the word of God in song and readings. I am praying for Zane with all my heart and I am praying for you and your mom to have the strenght to get through this time. Remember, each day will get easier and closer to the rewards of these trials. You deserve the VICTORY!
I'll be with you soon. Can't wait to see all of you.

Dorothy said...

So glad the doctors gave you good reports on Zane! I hope he will soon be able to talk with you and off the meds. I remember that Joe liked to have the cool wet cloth on his forhead, too.
Peace and blessings!

Anonymous said...


You are so strong and amazing. I cannot imaging Zane going through this without you. God knew what Zane needed when he put you in his life. One day, we will all look back and realize how powerful this entire experience has been to so many people. You touched our lives in a way no other ever could. While I know you will stay strong for Zane, don't stop to ask for prayers on your health and mind as well. We all need to pray for you to have continued strength through out the healing process. YOu are in our prayers!

Cindy & John LeBrun - Columbus, OH

Melissa said...

I found your blog through one of your old decor posts and just read through all of Zane's accident updates. Your strength and faith in the Lord through this is nothing short of inspiring. We definitely serve an amazing, miraculous God. I just wanted you to know that you have two more people from California praying for Zane's comfort through his recovery...and, of course, strength and peace for you and your family. May God continue to be glorified through His miracles as He heals Zane.
You're in our prayers,