Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Good Day

Zane had a great day yesterday. His fevers stayed down pretty much the whole day & all his vitals remained strong. They added a drug in the morning to help with his delirium, which did help immensely, but made him a little sleepy. When we went in to see him, he was pretty responsive when we talked to him, but closed his eyes when we weren't talking.. almost like someone who is just utterly exhausted. His nurse decided that they would try something new- getting him in a chair. They have a lift that comes down from the ceiling & attaches to a harness underneath Zane. It picks him up in the air, glides him over to a recliner beside the bed, and puts him down in the chair. They let him sit up in the chair for over an hour. This is great for his lungs and his muscles.

While he was in the chair, he communicated with us, telling us things like he was thirsty, wanted a pillow under his ankle, etc. He can't drink or eat anything yet because of the trach, but we can give him little sponge swabs with liquids on them. He LOVES the swabs, and I can imagine why- his mouth has got to be so dry! His nurse brought us a cup of apple juice to soak the swabs in, and he got even more excited about the apple swabs! The little bit of liquid trickling down his throat caused him to cough every now and then so we told him the swabs were making him do it & asked him if he still wanted more. He (ever so emphatically) nodded his head yes, so the swabs kept coming!

Dad came back down last night and was again shocked at Zane's progress after a week. The donor sites on his legs are healing up fantastically! His face looks almost perfect, and the problem spot under his chin is even making progress. Zane recognized dad and smiled. His smile is always our favorite thing to see. Back home, Zane has a bit of a hate relationship with my parents' dog, Kobie. Dad told Zane that even Kobie missed him, and Zane smiled from ear to ear. I'm sure that if he were able, he would have been laughing. We told him that his parents and grandparents were coming the next day and he smiled again. I held his hand and said, "Zane, can you feel me holding your hand?". He nodded as he squeezed my hand and mouthed "I want to hold you". I just about melted. :) He also asked about his best friend & cousin, Scott. We asked him if he wanted his music on and he shook his head and mouthed, "I want to sleep". So, we let him sleep and went back to the apartment.

Thursday was a hard day, but God is so faithful. He gave us a great day yesterday & really renewed us. When things get a little hard, I just remind myself that God won't bring me through more than I can handle. We go through a rough patch & then God gives us a day like yesterday and it lets our minds and hearts rest a little.


Josh Friesen said...

Praise God for Zane's progress. He is faithful and has all of you, especially Zane, in his hands.

One Heart said...

Thinking of you and still praying. Good to see this report. More of God's blessings your way.

Oh my, just as I was signing off guess what the word verification is. BLESS Wow! God is amazing. Well, again, be blessed! ;)

Mildred said...

I knew that Thursday had to be so difficult for you Courtney. I am thankful for the events of yesterday and the encouragement you have shared. The story about your parents' dog is priceless - that got a big response from Zane it sounds like! I hope his parents and grandparents share a similar positive time with Zane. Asking God to give each of you strength and to continue to heal Zane.

Dorothy said...

Courtney, It was so good to read about you and Zane having a better day! That's the way it is in ICU. A good day, a plateau, another good day, always climbing toward being completly healed. Holding you and Zane in my heart and prayers,

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear Courtney:
I praise God today for Zane progress. I am glad that he is doing better today and he is getting stronger and he has faith. My prayer are with you and Zane everyday and night as I go to sleep. I am glad Zane can get up in a chair for a little while and you can talk to him for a few minutes.
God Bless you and Take care of yourself! Donna M McEachern

Lorraine said...

Hi Courtney,
So happy to hear of the great improvements with Zane! What a praise for all the positive improvements. God is so good!!!! Praying that he continues to do well and that he is able to be more alert for you and his folks coming out to see him. It's great that your dad is able to see the progress in Zane's healing, too. Have a great day tomorrow...the Lord's Day! Take care, Lorraine (ME)

Lori said...

Love hearing the progress. This one made me cry! I can only imagine how much you want to old each other. Even though I shouldn't be amazed because we have and amazing God, I am still amazed each day. We love you!!!