Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In The Chair & Talking

Just wanted to post another quick update this evening. Zane has made some big improvements today, and they're just too awesome not to share. First of all, he is totally off his IV meds. We walked in this afternoon to find his IV pump totally shut off and were thrilled! He's no longer getting continuous infusions of IV meds for sedation or pain.

Secondly, they moved him from the bed into the recliner with the ceiling lift again today. He sat up for about 2 hours and his vitals stayed strong the whole time. He finally asked to be put back in bed because his butt hurt.

Third, they trach-collared him for almost 4 hours today. This means they shut off the ventilator and let him breathe on his own, while wearing a "collar" that humidifies the air he breathes in. This is great progress for his lungs and is a step towards getting rid of the trach altogether. They had another surprise waiting for us when we got back from getting supper- they were able to put on what's called a passy-muir valve, which allows him to speak in a mecahnic-like voice. It was fantastic to hear him talk & he was pretty happy himself. He was asking us different questions and even quoted a few lines from "The Ringer", joking around (his family will appreciate this!). He wanted us to make sure his family knew that he loved them & to let the "guys at work" know that he thanked them for their prayers & support.

For those of you who told me to "bring on the sap", I do have one make-me-blush moment to share. As I was walking in to Zane's room this morning, he looked at his male nurse and mouthed, "Isn't she beautiful?". I just shook my head.. he must be trying to get more foot massages! :)

We are definitely on another high tonight. These were all big steps, and we are just praising God for the progress! ALL the glory goes to HIM. He has been working miracles from day one and we will ever be thankful.


Mildred said...

Your heart must be overflowing tonight Courtney. Praise the Lord for the miracles of today. I am so very happy for you and Zane. We continue to pray and to give God the glory!

Emily R. said...

Love this!!! Oh that is so awesome and Zane is progressing so quickly! Our God is healer!!! I love the "sap" and soon Zane can give you foot massages too! Hopefully he can make his way over to a rehab floor soon and then boogie on home. Thanks for posting the updates Courtney. Luke and I enjoy finding out how the Lord is working and healing Zane each and every day! Continued prayers as always! Love Emily and Luke

Lorraine said...

Bring on the sap.....just loving these updates! Praising God for all He continues to do for Zane and the joy He is showing you. Your husband is a fighter and this he will overcome because He knows what His Lord can do! We prayed for both of you at Prayer group tonight along with daily prayers. It's as much a blessing to us as well. Thank you so much for keeping us informed and sharing your lives with us. Praising our God for all He has done! Hoping the trach will soon be in the past. God matched a dear, sweet couple when He brought you two together. Have a great day tomorrow!!! Lorraine(ME)

Dorothy said...

That is SO great! He is going to be up and going in no time now! I know he is excited, too! I'm anxious for them to get the trach out. That will be a great day! Prayers and Praises to God for His healing power!

pk @ Room Remix said...

That is such awesome news, Courtney! I'm so glad to hear it. Continued prayers for a very speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he is doing so well. He has been in my prayers since first hearing of him in the hospital and what had happen. Sorry i will not be around to see him walking soon, my wife and i left today to start home rehap. So god bless and in time Zane will recover because of all the love and caring from friends and family. Mike M. Lineman from cape cod

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney, We don't know each other but I read about your husband and wanted to let you know that I am so glad that Zane is getting better so quickly! When I read your blog I an constantly thinking about how strong you are and love the "sap".

Lori said...

Awesome update Courtney! Thanks so much! God is doing amazing things and I am so thankful for all God is doing in you and Zane! Love you!

Amy Lynn said...

What FANTASTIC progress he has made! I am so happy to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome progress yes, bring on the sap its better then a romance novel, like I have mentioned day after day you Courtney inspire me,and Zanes recovery seems like it has been a fast progress, making me believe that miracles do happen. Gail Wieder

Anonymous said...

Though we have never met,I feel like a family friend because of this blog. I was on vacation, sitting in the sun soaking up all I could with my wife and friends when my daughter sent me this blog.
My heart stood still, what happend, who got hurt, how badly were they hurt. These are my co-workers, my friends how could this have happend?

I was upset, discouraged, lost. I was in a beautiful place while others close to me suffered. No phone and little internet. Things just kept going around and arond in my head. Im a ranter, and I was ranting to myself as to not ruin the others vacation. I ranted so much over this question," How could God have let this happen?" He let this happen to a person who gives neverending praise a family of deep believers.
Everday I came to this blog and saw such strength. Read daily about how Courtney gave thanks and praise to our God for what he has done to help Zane. In my mind that was screwed up. I lost all my faith and placed blame. Blame on God for not being there when Zane needed him the most. The suffering Zane was dealing with,his wife and family not knowing what would happen to him having to see him suffer. If God was so almighty why did he not take Zane and save him the years of pain and suffering? As you can see I was very much headed down the wrong path but I wanted answers.
I have read this blog everyday and marveled at the strenght and faith that you have Courtney. Your trust and belief have been unsumountable. I put myself in your shoes and man that was not a good scene. It made me even more angery at God.
My wife and I had a great conversation about your faith. In her words"She is a strong willed and deeply faitful women" I was still looking for answers and Janet said to me you have lost your faith, why? I gaave her all my reasons and something so simple as "Bill God cannot be in control of every stiuation. What happend to Zane was an accident caused by human error. God didntput Zane in that situation but he was there to help Zane when he really needed him after the fire ball and to this day he has done miracles with Zane."
I cannot say that I have regained my faith, Im not quite as mad and upset. I guess you could say I have come to terms with the situation. I do believe in our lord Jesus Christ and I know some day I will get the answers I am looking for. I do believe that God is healing Zane and helping you to deal with everything going on. It has been your uplifting and never doubting faith that have helped me and I am sure many others through this situation. Thank you for that.
Bill S. Caribou

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Yes truly this is the Lord working in your life's. I love to witnesses this in peoples life's.I am from the Spiritual Sunday blog and we have been praying for Zane and for you as well.We will continue to pray.Thank-you for the awesome update on Zane.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I'm another blog reader that you have never met. I learned about Zane from my daughter, Shannon, who lives in VA. I have been praying for Zane and you and am thanking God for His tremendous healing power!! Wow!!! Your faith is inspiring.

My prayers continue!

~karen, from WI

Monique Claverie said...


You don't know me. My name is Monique and my Dad (Pat) works with Zane and was with him the day of the accident as he waited for the ambulance. My Mom shared your blog with me after my daughter (she's 5) began asking of Zane's progress since we pray for him each night. I've been amazed at your strength and testimonies. My daughter was so excited tonight when I told her of Zane's progress and said "Let's keep praying harder Mommy." So there are people from all over (we live in Farmington, ME) who don't even directly know him praying our hearts out. We are so happy he is improving!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the 'sap.' Be warned, it won't be long he'll want more than a foot massage. Enjoy those massages while he doesn't have stinky feet too! :)