Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Late Night

Today was another good day. Zane was a bit more tired today because he didn't get very solid sleep last night. His night nurse told us that he'd been coughing a lot throughout the night, but seemed to settle down this morning. He rested a good part of the day, but was awake for certain periods of time. He did fantastic in his therapy today. He keeps pushing harder & doing more than he has to. His therapists got done with him today and as a joke asked him if he wanted to do it all again. He shrugged his shoulders & said "Sure". I had told him yesterday that he'd get out of here faster if he worked extra hard at his exercises, so he must have taken me seriously!


The paragraph above was as far as I got writing an update last night (11.9.10). I got a call from Zane's nurse at 10pm because he was asking for me to come over. So, I walked back over to the hospital and spent some time with him. He was a bit uncomfortable and had a higher temp so I just did little things to help him relax. His feet were getting really dry so I did plenty of massaging with lotion. He would rest for a little while then wake up and ask me to do something else. At about 12:30am he decided he wanted to do his PT & OT exercises, so I helped him do those. I figured it would tire him out enough that he'd fall asleep and get some real rest. He sure is one tough cookie. He pushed himself and did lots of stretching and strength exercises. Shortly after that he calmed down and fell asleep. I'd been asking him on and off whether he needed me to stay or not, and he'd always wanted me to stay, so I told him I'd be there as long as he needed me. I got decently comfy in a chair beside his bed, holding his hand, and just sat for a while. At about 1:15am I was praying and just felt like God was telling me it was okay to leave. Zane had just been stirring a bit so I touched his forehead and asked him if was okay if I went back and got some sleep. He told me it was okay & said "Thank you" & "I love you". I got back to the apartment around 1:30. The funny thing is.. I didn't even feel tired or wished that I'd been able to get to bed earlier. I would have sat at his side all night if it meant he felt more comforted. He's my everything, and just to have him alive is reason enough for me to do ANYTHING for him.

Today Zane's ventilator settings are turned down a bit more, which gets him one step closer to being able to talk & eventually get the trach out altogether. They finally found a likely culprit for his fevers. Zane has an infection in his lungs and they have started the appropriate antibiotics. This is not a huge concern, as it is completely treatable and the antibiotics should cover it just fine. He's still a bit sleepy today, but when awake, he's completely alert. They took the central line out of his neck this afternoon and put another one back in almost the same spot. This was just routine, to eliminate any other source of infection.

He's still making steady progress and it is SO wonderful to have his mind "with us" now. God's healing power and the complexity of the bodies He's given us amazes me daily. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We have truly been blessed.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Courtney: Just wanted to take a moment and say hello from Columbus Ohio. We are so excited that Zane keeps improving. We love your posts and the ability to stay up with Zane's progress. Just wanted to tell you that we think of you and Zane all day long! Every day!

Keep the faith as you always do and keep track of those foot massages! It will take him a lifetime to give back to you what you have given to him! I believe he would agree and he would want nothing more than to take care of you for the rest of your life! You are so precious.

Cindy LeBrun - Columbus Ohio

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

So good to hear about Zane's improvements, Courtney! Glad that God continues to strengthen and encourage you both. Will continue praying! :)

Kathysue said...

Courtney this all sounds so good, he is truly getting better and better. God has perfect timing so we know in his time it will all be resolved. hang in there sweet girl, Kathysue

Mildred said...

Hi Courtney, It is truly amazing the strides that Zane is making. I know that he will be so proud of you in the future when he looks back at the words you have written here on your blog. May God continue to bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney, I like the picture with this posting. We were often at Young's when Michael and Cheryl attended Cedarville College - now University. Brought back memories. It so good to hear of Zane's progress. It is nothing short of amazing. Will be praying for all of you tonight at prayer meeting.

Keep looking up,

Priscilla PHillips

Dorothy said...

It is so good to have those daily positive reports! I know it seems slow, but healing from these serious burns take lots of time. This experience and the way you both are handling it, will bring you even closer together! God Bless you and Zane!

Janet said...

Courtney & Zane's Family,
I am from Downeast Maine and have been following your postings. I work at an electrical company in downeast Maine. So glad to see so many prayers have been answered. I will keep praying for you and look forward to your updates on Zanes recovery.
Love and prayers, Janet Barnes