Sunday, November 14, 2010

Parades & Fresh Air

If you guys enjoyed reading about Zane's progress on Friday, you're going to love yesterday's! I think I'm going to have to start posting updates in the mornings.. Zane has been keeping us busy until pretty late at night. We got back around 11:30pm last night. He had a HUGE day, though.

Yesterday afternoon he got up to walk with the thoracic walker again. This time, not only did he get out of his room, but he walked all the way around his unit (the burn/trauma ICU). I'm a horrible person to try and estimate distance, but I'm guessing the trip would be at least 150 feet. He's standing up straighter & taking larger steps. One of his nurses was sitting on the other side of the unit and when Zane walked by she said something like, "Wow, you came all the way out here to see me!". Zane responded, "Well, you didn't come visit me in my room so I had to come see you!". They all got a good chuckle out of it. We joked that he was putting on a parade & showing off and he just smiled and nodded.

When he was done his walk, he came back and sat down in a wheel chair in his room. After we got all his tubes & wires situated, his nurse surprised us all by telling him he was going outside! We figured it would be at least a week before this would happen. But, his vitals were all really strong and it was a beautiful day in Boston yesterday. He was so happy to be outside in the sun and fresh air. We were marveling at his progress today and his nurse asked him what they were going to do tomorrow. His answer was, "Go to Fenway" (for non-baseball following readers, that's the home of the Red Sox, of course). :)

Zane got in his chair a few times throughout the day, and even went for another walk around the ICU. All the nurses and doctors were seriously just staring in disbelief. Everyone got giddy like a bunch of little kids at Christmas!

Another BIG step came later in the evening. Because he'd done so well off the ventilator, they put a cap on his trach that blocks off all airflow. This allowed him to breathe just like normal and talk with his regular voice. They were wondering how he'd do, but in normal fashion he blew everyone away and did perfectly. There was some talk about taking the trach out altogether today, but his surgeon requested that they leave it in for a few days- not because he needs it right now, but because they're planning another surgery & would rather use the trach to ventilate him while sedated rather than orally intubating again. The surgery will entail some "touch-up" work on his stomach and armpits. The armpits are the trickiest area to graft, and his stomach seems to be growing a lot of hypertrophic tissue. This basically means that rather than normal skin growing in from the sides, excess scar tissue builds up and grows out.

Zane also had his first "food" today. He had some chicken broth, Italian ice, custard, and a half a protein shake. We went to the grocery store to get him some yummy food- Ben & Jerry's, double chocolate pudding, and plenty of delicious protein shakes.

Last night we read Zane some of the things people wrote in his visitor's journal. He loved hearing what went on while he was sleeping and who was here. He seemed to just be overcome with thankfulness for all the support. When he found out that he was being prayed for across the world in churches, schools, college campuses, homes and even on national television he said he knew why he had healed so fast- it was the power of God. We agree.. God is the only explanation for Zane's superstar performance yesterday. We are SO looking forward to what today will bring.

Zane gave me permission to share the following pictures with you:

{first walk around ICU}

{outside for the first time w/ mom, dad, & me}


Dorothy said...

Thanks for posting, Courtney! This is so exciting! I remember it did my son a world of good and encouragement when he made his first trip 'outside'! That last paragraph is exactly how it was when he became aware that so many people were praying for him! It's so good to see Zane walking and that tells me his progress is really going to speed up now! Blessings!

Tricia said...

Hi Courtney and Zane.
I apologize for not commenting more but I have been reading your posts on my iphone mostly, and have not been able to comment much.
Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading, praying, rejoicing, and praising The Lord right along with you!!
Thank you so much for continuing to share your journey with us. Zane, I can't wait to see those pics of you at Fenway!! Soon. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see that Zane is doing so well. At least once a week someone here on post (Qatar) ask how he is doing. The people on post continue to pray for Zane. Best wishes from the middle east.

Krista said...

Oh Court, this is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I find myself crying at every post.. so joyful at the progress and so in awe of his (and yours!) strength.

He's looking great--I'm sure getting some fresh air and sun really did a lot of good. Still praying for you all. Lots of love, Krista

Kelli said...

Now you've got me crying with happiness for you both! Great great job with the recovery. Keep it up. And thank you for sharing.

Brenda said...

Go Zane! Go God!!! Awesome to watch the incredible progress. Keep moving forward!

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear: Courtney and Zane:
Zane you did a really good job working the distant you did and I am really proud of you and I am glad you was able to go outside for same fresh air. I pray for you everyday and night. I praise god for the healing that he has done for you Zane and keep the good work up. Courtney keep your strenghth up.
God Bless you both and take care. Donna M McEachern

Jasmine said...

My goodness Courtney! What a blessing Zane and his story are! I can't believe how good he looks or how well he is progressing! You are 100% correct when you say it could only be that God is doing a work in Zane's body and God is truly healing Zane! What a marvelous testimony this will be in Zane's journey to win people for Christ!

Anonymous said...

Great to see him up and about!! Praise God!! I'm sure he loved being outside:)

Kishah said...

Yay! This made me sooooo happy!
Although we are just Blog friends, I have been very pained by this accident and I have been praying that God may give you a BIG miracle! God is SO good! I am beyond happy! :)

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

pk @ Room Remix said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm so happy to hear all of this good news, Courtney. Continued prayers for a continuing speedy recovery.

Karen said...

This is so amazing. Praising and thanking God with you! Continuing our prayers here

Lynn said...

Courtney and Zane, this is sooo awesome! Thank you so much for keeping us updated Courtney, and thank you Zane for allowing Courtney to share pic's with us! Zane, you're doing absolutely fantastic!

Continuing prayers for Zane at our home too!


Lorraine said...

Thank you so much for sharing continued answers to prayer. Praising God for all He continues to do for both of you and your families, also for us as readers. Zane looks so amazing for all he has been through. What wonderful pictures of all of you....I don't know who has the biggest smile! So happy that Zane turns heads and that the staff are so impressed. Hoping if they don't know the reason for Zane's healing that in time they will realize as you mentioned in one of your posts, that Zane has a great Healer, our awesome and gracious God! What a beautiful day for Zane to enjoy some fresh air. It was just as gorgeous here in Maine!
So happy for the progress and will continue to pray for the upcoming surgery mentioned. Your guy is an amazing and determined man! Just love all the pictures you have been sharing. You are such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lorraine(ME)

Debbie Sanderson said...

I so loved the pictures and smiles, it made me smile and cry at the same time, Zane looks Awsome....and im so thankful for the answered prayers, and the pictures really help us back home here see the healing that is taking place..Zane keep up the good work and we will continueing praying.......Psalm 27:1 Debbie

Zane's Mom said...

It is sooo good to see you up and there's nothing that could make me any happier. Although, I am a little jealous because each new step forward, Stan and Paula are there with you. This is the part that hurts the most. Don't take me wrong, I just wished things would have worked out for me to be there all the time too. We love you so much that it really hurts to be so far away.
Zane would you pray for me that the Lord would comfort my heart.
Love Mom

Katie said...

YES!!! What a miracle! I'm so happy for you both. I'll keep praying, but it seems God has got this all figured out.

Aaron Yager said...

ZANE! its so great to see you up and about! The whole family has been praying for you man! See you soon buddy!

Anonymous said...

Each day I anxiously await your posts and are so in awe at how God is hearing everyone's prayers. What an amazing God He is and how awesome that He hears our prayers. You and your husband are two very special people. I send you both many good wishes from Michigan.

Lorraine said...

To Zane's Mom....I would love to be praying for you, also! I'm a mom, and I can only imagine the ache you are feeling wanting to be with your son through this difficult time. Thankfully, the Lord has provided Zane with such a loving wife and in-laws that I can see love him as their own. It has to be difficult not being right there to care for him, as well. You apparently have raised a wonderful son from the readings that Courtney has shared in her blog. I haven't met any of you personally, but I can see you are all an awesome family unit! Praise be to God for that, as it has helped your son tremendously in his fight to recover as well as everyone's love for the Lord! I just prayed for you and will continue! God bless, Lorraine(ME)

John said...

WOW!!! This is great! Thanks for posting the pictures. Shari and I were amazed and thrilled at the speedy recovery. Your friends in Dayton, OH pray for you every day. We love you guys! - John & Shari LeBrun

Lindsey said...

Zane and Courtney,
I have been praying for you ever since the day Kelly sent me a text that Zane was hurt! I follow your blog and am so amazed by his progess every time I read! Zane is truly blessed to have a wife like you Courtney! You both are such a witness and inspiration to many! I was at the Wetzel's the night they held a world wide prayer for powerful! I also mentioned Zane's story in church, and he is on our prayer list! So I know there are a lot of people here in his home town pulling for him! It was great to see pictures of him today! Still praying hard for you guys
~Lindsey Thompson