Monday, November 1, 2010

Patching & Healing

Zane stayed steady throughout the night, but spiked his normal fever this morning. He's been spiking at relatively the same times each day- once in the morning and once in the evening. They can't tie it to any infection so they took him off the antibiotic today and will watch him closely for any changes. The pneumonia seems to have subsided as well.

On Friday they had some left over skin that was not used for the grafting which they banked. They decided to use that skin today to patch some areas around his armpits and abdomen. Overall, the grafts are taking beautifully. His nurse said that on Saturday it looked like the back graft had taken about 40%. She said that today it looked like it was about 85% taken, which is a great improvement in two days! There was some question early on whether or not he would need grafting under his chin. However, it seems to be healing just fine on its own.

Right now the goal is to start waking him on Wednesday. Please pray that he comes down off the meds peacefully and that the grafts and donor sites continue to heal quickly.


Lorraine said...

Hi Courtney,
Thank you for the update which sounds so promising on the grafts. I will definitely be praying for no new infections since they plan of removing the antibiotics. Praying for continued healing as well as clarity and ease on withdrawing from the meds on Wednesday. He's been amazing so far, so maybe this will go well, too. Continue to keep the faith....God has been amazing through all of this, as we can see it through you! You shine!!!!
Colossians 1:17, "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." God bless.....Lorraine(ME)

Mildred said...

Thank you Courtney for letting us know specifically how to pray for Zane. I enjoy all the cute photos you have shared. I can't wait to see the day when you and Zane are out and about and posing together again. I am thanking the Lord today for answered prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praying all the way from KY. We are in a Sunday School class with a college friend to Zane's sister. Please know that our whole church is praying for strength, healing and comfort and we are being kept up to date via our prayer chain.

Kelle said...

We continue to pray for Zanes quick recovery. Thank you for keeping everyone updated on his condition. Is there anything we can pray for, for YOU specifically?

Sherri said...

Thanks again for keeping us updated on Zane. Prayers continue for you both as you face each day's challenges. God is so faithful.
Sherri Jordan

Kathysue said...

It sounds like Zane is making wonderful progress. I know at times it must seem like a slow process but it is goooood progress. Keeping you boht in thought and prayer, Kathysue

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear that recovery is going well. I am sure his coming our of the meds will go well, with you at his side how could it not. Thank you for the updates and the great pictures. Prayers for you both, God Bless.Gail & Zeke.

Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk said...

Zane is still in my prayers, as is your entire family. I also want to tell you how much I enjoy seeing your pictures. You two are just adorable.

Dorothy said...

Still praying! Thanks for posting and updating. Love the pictures of you and Zane. Although I don't know you, I feel connected to you because you are experiencing some of the same things we did after my son's accident. I know that Zane will be healed in God's own time. Keep trusting in Him.

Carol said...

Great update, Courtney. Now we can press in praying for a smooth waking. Praying now.

Caitlyn said...

I'm a friend of Christi's and have been fervently praying for Zane and your family during this time. It has been such an encouragement to follow your blog and hear about the way God is clearly working. Your faith is inspiring in a way only our Awesome God could have granted. Please know there is a LARGE group in Indianapolis praying for Zane's recovery and celebrating the way's God has worked.

-Caitlyn B.

Paula Sperrey said...

Thank you for keeping us updated so faithfully on Zane's recovery. It sounds like very good news today, and we will continue to pray for Wednesday when he wakes up that he will be calmer. I absolutely loved your Impossibilities post, Courtney. It was so inspiring and just wonderful to read; you should definitely look into doing more writing after Zane is recovered; you are very good at it! :)

Paula Sperrey
MPS employee

Anonymous said...


Your father-in-law is here at the dentist office I work at right now - my kids know Zane and his siblings so that is our connection to your Wetzel family. We are all praying and keeping up to date with your blog. We are so thankful to God for all the miracles He has granted Zane and know that He is not done yet! Don't let us back here in Ohio miss one of them! We are keeping Zane and you and your family lifted in prayer and will continue to be informed by your blog. God is good!! - All the time!


simbimbo said...

Courtney, This is the first I am reading the whole story about Zane. I see you and your mother in the waiting room almost every day and say a prayer for Zane every night.


Sue said...

Praying for these needs, and you too.