Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Progress & More Prayers

Zane made some great progress today. His temps stayed under 100 all day. They slowly lightened up the meds, but not a significant amount. By this evening he was opening his eyes and responding to questions somewhat. I think he could recognize who we are, but he's still pretty "high". When he saw mom he smiled and when he saw me he smiled as well and them puckered up for a kiss. They gave him a little more medicine this evening, and before we left he was sleeping pretty soundly.

I've had the opportunity to meet up with a few burn survivors over the past couple days & it has helped immensely. They have been so helpful in helping me to understand what Zane will be going through & how I can best help him. We are meeting with the doctors in the morning for a regular family meeting/update & are looking forward to hearing the difference in their opinions from the last family meeting (which was right after Zane had his roughest night at least 2 1/2 weeks ago).

I heard some devastating news tonight about a high school friend who was just killed in combat overseas. My heart truly breaks for his family, as I glimpsed a small picture of what that could be like. James always knew that he wanted to be a marine, and he was an excellent one. My utmost respect and appreciation goes to what he did for his country. I am reminded just how thankful I am that Zane is alive. I will never feel pity for my own situation when so many others are hurting even worse. Tonight, I ask that you would lift James' family up in prayer along with Zane. We know that our Lord can heal their hearts, but this is not easy for anyone & I know they would appreciate each and every prayer.


Lori said...

Thanks for the update. I love how Zane ask to clean his teeth:) So glad he at least knows he should pucker up for you! Will keep James's family in our prayers!

Mildred said...

My deepest sympathy to James' family.

It must have been wonderful for Zane to "pucker up" for you. I continue to pray for you both Courtney.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

My heart aches for you.I have been married for 38 years to the love of my life,but he is slowly leaving to get ready to meet Jesus.He is battling pancreatic cancer and it is hard to see.Zane is so much younger and the two of you have so much to live for.I pray for complete healing and peace during this trying time.

Lorraine said...

Hi Courtney, Just prayed for James' family. I am so grateful and proud of these dear, brave men who give the utmost for keeping our country free. Will definitely pray for the family as they grieve.
Thank you for the great update. We prayed for both Zane and you at last night's prayer group at church. I think the pucker is a great sign that Zane may be more alert than most think....he knew who to pucker up to!!!! I had to smile when I read that ;)..... I will pray for your family meeting/update today that it goes well. God is good!!!! Hoping that you and Zane can have some special moments today! Have a great day in the Lord! God bless....Know that all is well in the Lord! Lorraine(ME)