Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Rock

Zane has had a good couple of days. He gets stronger walking each day and is now not using a walker at all- we just give him a little support by holding one arm. His arms are coming along slower, but each day we do see small improvements! He had some difficulty yesterday keeping food down, but seemed much better today. We're slowly trying to help him get his appetite back, and be able to eat more complex foods. The sooner he can increase his caloric intake, the sooner he can get the feeding tube removed.

He is scheduled for surgery for his armpits on Tuesday. They will be doing a procedure to give him a greater range of motion called a release. This will include a small amount of additional grafting. He will have to be splinted up like a scarecrow for a few days to promote proper healing and prevent contractures. This surgery is the main reason Zane is still in ICU- they feel he would do best with more attention after the surgery.

Zane has had moments that have been tough on him as he thinks about the long road ahead, but we had a great talk and prayer last night and he was feeling much better today. Certainly, we all have needed to have moments where we just hurt. I don't think it would be healthy if we ignored the fact that this was, indeed, a tragedy. Accepting the hurt is so important in finding peace with the situation. I shared with Zane some of my own journey that went on while he was sleeping. I've learned that I need to really feel things in order to get over them. I needed to take a moment to just cry or just be mad. But, I surrendered my hurt or anger to God during those times and he gave me peace. I had my 'moment' and God allowed me to move on. I don't want everyone to think we've all been inhumanly strong. God has definitely given us all a strength we never would have known ourselves capable of, but he also allowed us to deal with our human emotions in a healthy way. It's a lot of pressure to feel you have to be 'a rock' all the time. That's because humans were never meant to be 'the rock'. Jesus Christ is the ROCK that we run to; HE is the one that sustains us. It is only in our utter weakness that we are truly capable of receiving a major dose of HIS supernatural strength.


Nathan said...

Glad Zane is continuing to gain strength everyday. Praying for continued healing and peace for the both of you.

pk @ Room Remix said...

I think you're right. It's healthy to allow yourself to feel the pain and grief for what happened. It will be easier to move forward that way. I'm so glad to hear that Zane is making consistent progress. I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend filled with even more improvement and peace.

The Cushman's said...

I am so glad that Zane has allowed us to see some photos of his progress! He really knows how to model those johnnies!! (sp) He is looking great! I remember during my Mom's illness 5 years ago that there were times that tears flowed and emotions were very raw. Let go and let God got me through! You both NEED to release this from time to is actually quite refreshing. You are a strong young couple that we can use for an example of faith and trust. Keep up the good work! Looking foward to more photos of the remarkable recovery! God Bless!

Sherri Cushman

Dorothy said...

It;s so good to read about Zane's progress! The appetite will come back when the medications are taken away and the tube is out. My son lost 20 pounds in the two months he was in ICU, but once he was out of there, we couldn't fill him up and he rapidly gained back the weight.
We would not be human if we didn't 'have our moments' of crying, etc. It IS a tragedy! What happened to Joe IS a Tragedy! But he is back at work 6 hours a day and will soon be back full time. Zane will soon be coming along like that, too!
Peace and Blessings,
Notes From Augusta

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear: courtney and Zane:
My prayer are with you both. I am glad that Zane is feeling better today. Courtney I seen your dad on wednesday and he is looking good.Zane keep up the good work and the strongth and the faith of god.I praise god everyday that Zane has healed like he has and that he is doing well like he is.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope you have a good one.
God Bless and Take care.Love and Prayers;Donna M McEacheern

Zane's Dad and Mom said...

Hey, Zane and Courtney
It feels good to cry and release the build up of emotions and stress. Everyday I cry some,but I know God will comfort my heart. It's okay to be emotional because it lets others see your transparency and your trust in the Lord. There's no better way for non-Christians to know how God can work not only in your lives but theirs to when they decide to trust in Him as their personal savior. These times also shows others your Faith, and how God answers prayer.
Start dreaming about your future and what your going to do and where you will be in 2wks, 2mos, 6mos, 1yr.... Just be patient for the Lord knows your heart. We Love you
Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Courtney & Zane:

Thank you so much for allowing us to see the progress in pictures. I see Zane's smile and heart in them and you look so happy Courtney. You have both come a long way and I agree with your mom and dad, have some fun dreaming a bit. It is great for the heart. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It heals. Let go and be strong enough to let the tears flow. We are praying for continued healing. Our hearts are with you. John & Cindy from Columbus,OH

Lori said...


I am so glad to hear of Zane's progress. This is the only way I know anything. Never hear from mom & dad :) Anyway, you are being such a wonderful rock for Zane and I know you can only do that because God gives you the strength. We are continually praying for both of you, the docs, nurses, and everyone else who comes in contact with you in anyway. I know God is bringing you close to each other and closer to him through this situation.


Love the hospital socks!!! I've had a few pairs myself :) You are looking great and it's wonderful to see that you have been able to walk on your own. Remember I love you and keep up the strength. We Wetzels have a strength is us that is amazing because of God. I know this personally and so do you! Now we have something more in common, a long hospital stay, and strength that is pulled from the Rock that is Christ!

Love you both!!!!

Michelle said...

Wow, Amazing man.. You look great. I am so thankful to your wife for keeping us posted she is doing a great job. I will be sending prayers up for you for Tuesday. You need to keep that food down so you can have turkey for Thanksgiving.. I know without a shadow of doubt that your family is so Thankful you are with them today. Keep getting stronger..

Your Friend,

One Heart said...

It's good to see this picture. God is so good. It's algo good to hear that you are allowing yourself room to feel and vent. We are only human and I love what you wrote about us not being rocks but trusting the One who is. You all continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.


Kandi said...

I haven't been on blogland for awhile and was amazed at how far your husband has come since the last time I checked in. The two of you are such an inspiration of love, strength, and faith. I am praying that at this thankful time of year that he his recovery will continue to progress quickly. God bless both of you and your families. Hugs, Kandi