Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Through Surgery #5

Zane had surgery number 5 this morning and it went very well. He had releases and grafting in both armpits and "patch" grafting on his stomach and right arm. There were areas on the stomach and arm that just weren't healing quite well enough so the additional grafting will improve both the healing and the aesthetics. They took the donor skin from his left thigh. About 2/3 of the skin was taken from the previous donor site that had mostly healed. The additional 1/3 was taken directly above that area, on his buttocks/hip. His surgeon told me that he harvested the skin in a special fashion that will minimize the pain Zane will experience in that area.

Zane is now in a rather large splint that holds his arms directly out to the side. It's quite a contraption- it holds his upper arms straight out sideways, then bends at the elbow and holds his hands directly in front of him. He'll be in this for roughly a week so that the skin that was grafted can take and heal with minimal contractures. He's right back to eating normal food, and seems to have even more of an appetite than he did before. His doctors are talking about getting his feeding tube out within a day or two.

He is having some pain, but it is being managed well with medication. He's already been up for a walk and did great! The only down side is that he's a bit of a wide load and has to turn sideways through any normal doorways. His attitude is still great and we are so thankful for God's protection over him during surgery. They plan to keep him in ICU overnight and possibly move to a step down unit tomorrow. This is just one more big step towards Zane's full recovery.

{sorry no photo, I'm posting from the iPad at the hospital and can't get it to work}


Katie said...

lol, it's okay Courtney. At least we get the updates! I'm glad the surgery went well. Do you know how many more they will have to do?
God bless,

Lorraine said...

Hii Courtney,
Oops! I posted this morning on yesterday's update thinking surgery was tomorrow stating I would pray for the surgery. God was already there with Zane, although I did pray and focused on tomorrow. Glad it went well and hopefully the healing will work out well. Sounds like Zane may need a few flags to warn people he is coming around the corner. I am glad the splints will only be on for a short period of time. Another big hurdle accomplished! Glad his appetite is returning! Enjoy some quiet time, rest in Him! Lorraine (ME)

Dorothy said...

Glad that big one is behind and that Zane is still doing well. It will be a challenge for a few days and then things will be looking up again! Hang in there! Zane is so lucky to have you by his side.

Carol said...

Glad to hear that Zane continues to progress.
Praying patience, endurance, strength, healing!

Anonymous said...

Zane continues to impress everyone. He is strong and demonstrates that everyday! Courtney, I continue to be amazed at your writing. It is like reading a book and feeling like you are right there. Such awesome writing ability. You should write some books! Thanks for keeping us up to date. We all have so much to be thankful for. We will be asking for continued improvement in our prayers and we will definately be speaking to you on Thanksgiving through those prayers. John and Cindy from Columbus Ohio

Donna M McEachern said...

Hello Courtney:
Praise god Zane surgery want good. Glad Zane Progress is still good and he is moving put of icu on wednesday. My prayers are still with you both.How many more surgery does Zane have to have?
God Bless you both and take care! Love and Prayers; Donna M McEachern

Anonymous said...

The title of yesterdays blog really hit home with me. Zane is amazing. Having gone thru the tragic accident, and now 5 surgerys and still has the up beat attitude. There is no other answer for his steady recovery then blessings from God. I know that Thanksgiving will be different this year for Zane and your families but there is a lot to be thankful for! Not just you but all of us. I have been able to see this clearly following the accident and want to Thank you and Zane for helping to shed light on how life should be looked at and how to live thur God.

Bill S.