Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today was another slow, but steady day. Zane was a little sleepier today than yesterday, but woke up enough to recognize his parents & grandparents & chat a little. He always gets a big smile on his face when he sees someone he recognizes & you could tell he was pleasantly surprised to see his family from Ohio here. He asked us what day it was & we told him November 6. He looked a little confused and said "November?". I reminded him he'd been sleeping for a little while, but that he was healing great. He seemed to understand. While dad was in his room, dad asked Zane if he remembered what happened. Zane said no, so dad told him that there was an accident in the substation. Zane mouthed, "What did I do wrong?". Dad reassured him that he didn't do anything wrong, and that it was just an accident. As tough as it was to hear that Zane thought he'd done something wrong, it was good to know that he was processing facts enough to have that thought.

He was pretty sleepy the rest of the times we saw him. This evening, his temp was up to 101.6, and he was a little more uncomfortable. He kept moving around so I asked him what was hurting. He told me, but I couldn't read his lips. I started saying body parts and he shook his head each time until I said "butt". Poor, guy- my butt would be hurting if I'd been in bed for 3 1/2 weeks too! His nurse moved him so he was more comfortable and Zane kept sleeping.

Please continue to pray for the fevers- they sent off cultures of his sputum, urine, and blood this morning when his temps went up for the first time. Healing is coming, but skin never heals fast enough when you stare at it every day. :) It would be easy for us to get impatient and frustrated at the slow pace right now, but God is constantly reminding us that Zane's truly come so far, and we are sooo much further along than we were a couple weeks ago! It's all a matter of perspective.. and thanks to God's grace, we're choosing to focus on the progress rather than the delay.

{this would be my crazy husband, "drinking" the centerpiece at a friend's wedding}


Sarah said...

Courtney, I am so glad to hear that Zane is doing so well. The fevers are still worrisome, but I'm always praying he will be healed. I am also praying that you will receive loads of patience while this process is so slow, but so important at the same time. Thank you for the daily updates. I read everyday.

Dorothy said...

Yes, healing takes lots of time and I know you get impatient and eager to be able to go home. The two months we stayed in GA (to be near my son as he healed from burns) seemed to drag by. We felt very strongly that God was healing Joe and we were supported and encouraged by the prayers of so many people. These are difficult days, but each day you will see a little improvement. Then one day he will be in a regular room and then in ReHab and then home!!!
Blessings and Peace!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Hang on to God,He will see you through.
My prayers are with you and Zane.

jeannie ordanis said...

Heavenly Father I pray in the name of Jesus for Zane's Fever to Leave him. I pray for his body to be restored to normal. I pray for Healing to come quick. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Every name has to bow to the name of Jesus Every name, fever BOW Burns Bow to the name of Jesus. Name above all names. Thank-you AMEN

Kishah said...

You both are in my thoughts in prayers today, and always!

Lorraine said...

Hi Courtney,
Thank you for the update. Glad to see that there are steady improvements for all that Zane has been through. I know things are never fast enough for us, but in God's timing it will be perfect. Easier to say to someone than to have to deal with that. I am praying that this week will show amazing positive changes in your husband! Hoping that Zane can be alert during the visits with his family as well as continued weaning from the meds without any setbacks. Also, praying for the fevers to either end or that they can come to a conclusion on the why's of these occurences, and how to fix that problem. Enjoy those special moments with your husband and praying for peace and comfort for you as are an amazing sister in Christ and a great example as well....thank you!!! Have a great day! Lorraine (ME)