Friday, December 3, 2010


We moved into rehab yesterday, and are just getting to the end of our first full day here. Zane is doing AMAZING. He had mostly consults and evaluations, as the staff is just getting to know him and figure out his needs. He is getting into and out of bed entirely on his own and he went to the bathroom on his own for the first time today. A couple of nights ago Zane and I were walking around the floor at Brigham's and I asked him if he wanted to try some stairs. Always up for a challenge, he said, "Sure!". We didn't know that we weren't supposed to do it without a therapist, but we went up and down an entire flight of stairs just fine. His physical therapist today at Spaulding was shocked that he was already doing stairs. I don't think it'll be long before they realize that he's not their typical patient. :)

His arms are still about the same, making little baby steps of progress each day. One thing that has set him back is some pretty extensive pain in his elbows, particularly the left. We're not entirely sure what seems to be causing the pain. He has some open areas on both elbows, but the pain seems to be internal rather than surface. They're hoping that continued therapy will help it subside.

Like any transition, there are adjustments to make. We're getting used to the staff, the rules, and their way of doing things. To be honest, it's been a little tough because they have limited mom's and my involvement much more significantly than Brigham's ever did. Of course, this upsets Zane too, as he wants us with him and doing all the things for him that we have over the last 7 1/2 weeks. But, we're trying to be patient, as we know the staff here also hasn't been with him this whole time- they don't yet know what works best. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the kinks are ironed out. Honestly though.. we really don't think Zane needs to be in inpatient rehab for very long at all. The people who cared for Zane most at Brigham agree- mom and I can do everything for him that he needs (of course, mom is an RN), and he could just go in for outpatient day therapy. We'll see what his doctors and therapists think, but it's definitely a goal of ours.

When Zane first started waking up, I told him that I had hummed Amazing Grace to him every night that he was asleep. Apparently, he didn't remember me telling him that because when I mentioned it again tonight he said, "You did?". I told him all over again and all of a sudden he said, "I remember that!". He can't remember what song or anything, but he said he can remember humming. Amazing! I asked him if he'd like me to do it again tonight and he said yes so I started humming. By the time I got to the third verse, he joined me and we hummed the rest of the verses together. When we finished he said, "Can you wipe my eyes? They're leaking". :) Such a special moment.

Zane's appetite is slowly improving, and his personality is definitely shining through. Not only is he giving me a hard time about things, but he's rattling his nurses a bit too. We get plenty of chuckles out of it. I told him it was the one time in his life he could get away with being so difficult. God is so good. I know that's such a cliche statement, but it's so true. He has just walked with us every step. Every moment, I have felt his peace and I am constantly encouraged. Just seeing Zane's smile appearing more often lifts our spirits, and we SO look forward to getting him out of hospitals entirely!

{Zane's stuff all packed up and piled on his bed at Brigham's}

{Saying good bye to some of the ICU staff}

{Zane and his favorite nurse}

{Zane, mom and I with his most recent resident doctor}


Karen said...

Congratulations on this major step. Before long, I pray he will be home!

Jorden and Kristin said...

That is wonderful!!! Zane is looking qonderful!! Such an answer to prayer!

Marilyn Sjoberg said...

Celebrating with you every baby step and giant step along the way. Continued prayers for grace, strength and healing.

Dad and Mom said...

Hey Zane
Keep up the good work and you'll be home for Christmas:) Well, maybe the apt. It really doesn't matter, Because Christ is everywhere.
Your looking great.
Love Dad and Mom

Dorothy said...

It's so good to hear of each step of Zane's progress!. ReHab is definitely different! When Joe was in ReHab we were not allowed to visit until after 3 PM. They want to teach them to do as much for themselves as possible. At first, it was a little scary because, as you said, they were not familiar with the patient and also because there wasn't a nurse right outside his door ready to wait on him. Evidently Zane is doing great and will soon be used to his new environment. Wishing you and Zane all the best and hope that you can be out of there by Christmas. Joe went into ReHab on June 16 and was released to the apartment 10 days later! Then in less than a week we were bringing him home! Hope it will go by that quickly for Zane!

Lynda Hurlow said...

What a grateful holiday season you are having --- I am truly blessed by your faith and prayer for a complete recovery.

Lori said...

So glad to see Zane looking good and moving around on his own. I know it will be hard for all of you to get use to a new schedule and way of doing things. As you know, the goal is to get Zane doing things on his own. Looks like he has a great start. Will be praying for patience for all of you and the docs as this new step is embraced. Remember that God has Zane in this rehab for a reason and he has the therapist there for a reason too.

Love you!!