Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Miracle

Zane battled nausea and vomiting all day yesterday. They took him in for xrays of his abdomen just to rule out any kind of blockage. His doctor took him off some unnecessary supplements and medications in case any of them could be affecting his stomach. Your prayers for his stomach would be very much appreciated. He REALLY needs to be eating and taking in enough fluids as it's essential to the healing process. He's lost a little over 20 pounds since the accident, and would like nothing more than to pack the calories back in.

Now that I told you about our area of concern, I have tell you about the exciting stuff. Zane had some INTENSE occupational therapy yesterday. His OT is tough, but it's good for him. She made him put his own socks and sneakers on. It was a real struggle for him because he pretty much had to do it with his left hand only. The right hand can't grip anything yet, so he can only really use it for support. It took a while, but he managed to get both feet dressed on his own. He can't tie his shoelaces yet, but this was a huge accomplishment for him! During the rest of his therapy, the OT stretched his armpits and shoulders VERY aggressively. He was in a pretty serious amount of pain while it was happening, but after he felt much more loose and stretched.

Last night Zane and I were hanging out in his room and his supper came so he sat on the side of his bed and I put his bedside table in front of him and told him to see if he could do it himself. He reached up, grabbed a fork, stabbed a piece of meat, and put it in his mouth, just like it was completely normal. Cue me freaking out and grabbing the camera. :) He told me to get his nurse so she came in and he showed her. She did a little happy dance with me. This was the first time he had used normal silverware and fed himself. Prior to last night, he had only used a long, modified spoon and gotten 2 bites in his mouth. Another HUGE accomplishment.

After eating a little bit, he got back in bed and figured he'd keep on going. He reached up with his left hand and touched his face on his own for the first time!! This is sooo amazing. Just the day before he was still about 6 inches away from being able to touch his face. We KNOW that this was a miracle directly from God. There is no other explanation. We are so incredibly thankful. Our God never fails us. Zane and I have been praying every night together and claiming healing for his arms and hands. We hadn't seen any significant improvement for a while, but never once doubted that God would heal him. Each night we just believed together and prayed even harder for healing. We never thought it would come so quickly and suddenly, and are SO taken back by this miracle.


Dorothy said...

That is SO great! I know you are so excited about each new bit of progress! It won't be long now until he's out of there!!

The Cushman's said...

Greetings from the West Ridge Road! WOW~~~that OT really pays off!! Keep on stretching and reaching for the stars!! Or you nose!! We have a little snow up here...hope you get all of the therapy you need there soon so you can start therapy up here! Merry Christmas to all!
Warren and Sherri

Lorraine said...

WOW! That is a great accomplishment with being able to touch your face, Zane! Hard work is paying off along with God helping you to stretch. You look amazing. Yes, a little thinner, but some home cooked meals can help fatten you up. Hope that comes sooner as well as everything else you have been able to accomplish. We will definitely be praying for your nausea to disappear and for you to be able to maintain and gain some weight. Maybe if you could change the fork to a spoon and get some DQ Blizzards down, that might help put on some pounds. Hope you begin to feel better stomach wise and are soon able to reach for the stars........lifting you up in prayer, Lorraine(ME)

Carol said...

Wonderful progress! I'll be praying for Zane to be able to get those calories in and the weight back on! And for healing and strength and encouragement and joy and peace for both of you!
I know it must be very hard, but Zane has been making a wonderful and miraculous recovery, and it is a miracle that he survived the accident in the first place!
God has wonderful plans for the two of you!

Anonymous said...

Keep Going Zane, you are well on your way to recovery. It is great to see. The smile and glow on your wifes face says it all.

Bill S.

Anonymous said...

You two are the cutest couple, love the smiles on your faces, Zane you look great it is so great to hear about your fast progress, and the healing is going great. Hope to see you both soon in the County. Happy Holidays!! Gail and Zeke.

Dad and Mom said...

HOWDY!!! Picture #2 from Bottom

It's so good to see you progressing so well. Keep up the fight.

Marilyn Sjoberg said...

Amazing and thrilling to hear of this progress. I would say this seems to be a very effective combination of the power of prayer, a loving God, persistent therapists, a determined patient and a cheerleader wife. Press On! Can you hear the roar of the crowd of believers cheering?