Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Outings & Another Prayer Effort

Please forgive my absence the past few days. We've had internet troubles at the apartment in addition to a very busy schedule. Zane has been coming along fantastically. He's been able to do a few more things on his own for the first time. He's blowing his nose on his own, picking up a full glass and drinking on his own (without a straw), and brushing his teeth without any support or assistance. They may seem like small things, but they're huge victories to us. We get giddy like little kids every time we see him do something new.

Last night Zane, mom, and I attended the Phoenix Society's Burn Support Group Christmas party. It was held over at Shriner's Hospital & a mix of burn survivors, spouses & family, and hospital personnel attended. It was soo good for Zane to see other people just like him who have suffered through many of the same things. He was able to talk to a couple of guys who had damage to their hands as well, and it really helped him to see them with their function back. They talked about things like weight and muscle loss, the pain, itching, and tightness. If anything else, it just helps to know you're not alone. I got to talk to one of the guys' wife as well, and it means so much to relate with someone who has been in my shoes. We also saw several people with much more severe burns, especially facial burns. It made us truly thankful that God spared Zane's face and humbled by the sheer miracle of it all.

This morning Zane went in for an audiology consult to try and get some more information on his hearing loss. The news we got was not good. Zane has moderate to severe damage to his inner ears. He cannot hear mid-range pitches in his left ear and has lost both mid-range and high pitch hearing in his right ear. Because the ears have different amounts of hearing loss, they concluded that the loss was probably due to the accident and trauma itself, rather than medications or other post-accident procedures. It isn't common for burn victims to have hearing loss, so there is not a lot of research on cause and effect. They told us it was hard to know for sure if his condition would improve, but that is wasn't likely. There is also nothing that they can do for him, other than possible hearing aids down the road. Hearing aids won't fully solve the problem either, as they amplify more than address the issues that Zane has with different pitches. Right now, Zane has some trouble hearing people talk on the phone or hearing someone talk on his right side or behind him. He also confuses what words we're saying because he loses certain pitches in the words themselves. So.. all of this said, I want to ask you again for prayer, and lots of it! We are refusing to accept final defeat and are believing that God can restore Zane's hearing. It is one thing to pray for something.. it is another to truly believe that it will happen. So please believe with us as well.

Tonight Zane and I had the opportunity to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at TD Garden, which is just across the parking lot from Spaulding. We were offered tickets by a very generous gentleman I work with (thanks Kevin!), and were so thankful to be able to attend. It was a fantastic show.

I can't let the cat out of the bag yet, but I have some exciting news to share very soon! Stay tuned! :) Thank you all again for your amazing support. Zane and I read each and every comment, email and card, and are blown away by your kindness. We pray that God will richly bless all of you praying for Zane.

{Zane being presented with his "inaugural" build-a-bear}

{Zane and I with therapists from Spaulding, one from the Brigham, and another burn survivor, Bill}

{Just before going to the orchestra tonight}


Anonymous said...

Zane you look great, Courtney you are beautiful as ever, so glad you are getting out and about. Wow it really amazes me how well and quick your healing was. Maybe your exciting news is you will be home for Christmas and that would be so wonderful for your families. You have restored my faith for sure. Just wanted to let you know. Gail Wieder Zeke says Hi and Happy Holidays!!

Lorraine(ME) said...

Hi Zane and Courtney,
I am so happy to read that your are both able to get out and enjoy your time together. Zane you look amazing. God has greatly answered our prayers, and I humbly thank Him for that and for showing us how mighty He is. Already praying for your hearing that our Lord can restore what you have lost for the moment. (My husband is a developmental engineer for the medical field and in this field they are always developing new technology for various medical needs including hearing loss. He works often with doctors and scientists in the Boston area, so you are in a good place.) It is amazing what the Lord has allowed man to do. I will be praying that His healing hand be all that you need!
You are a beautiful couple with an amazing testimony! God bless you both!

Michelle said...

Zane and Courtney still praying for complete healing. God has been great in all of this. So, glad you are getting to go and do a few things together. We wish you Gods speed and that you will have a very Merry Christmas..
God Bless,
Michelle (Coppess) Hiestand

Rayna said...

Dear Courtney and Zane,
I have been a follower of your blog for some time but since the accident, I check in every day to see how you are both doing.
I am so thankful and happy that both of you are doing as well as you are; physically and mentally. Every day you in my thoughts and heart.
Please stay strong and positive. Have a very Merry Christmas and a joyful, wonderful and happy New Year.
Rayna - Atlanta, Georgia

Anonymous said...

I will pray for hearing and continued improvement. While I truly believe that God is not done working miracles on Zane, I believe that we must remain very thankful for what is granted. There is a purpose in everything God does for us and with us. Just pray that we can understand the direction intended. We love you guys. Cindy from Columbus Ohio

Dad and Mom said...

Well Zane and Courtney this is just another obsticle we will overcome. The Lord has mighty plans. You are God's servant, in God's place, at God's timing. The wonders of the miracles and awe leave us with no doubt that the Lord is real. God knows best the plans he wants us to fulfill for Him. He doesn't say we have to see or hear him to know He is there. Besides:
Faith isn't believing
that God can
it is knowing that
God will

and He is healing you totally for his glory. Love you both
Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Well what's the surprise?
Is there a babe in the oven:)
or As the song goes

I'll Be Home for Christmas!!

One Heart said...

Haven't been by in a bit but always have you guys in my heart and prayers. This was such a great gift to read. I am so happy for all of you. I know I said this already but must repeat it--this is such a great gift. Thank You Jesus.

Can't wait to hear about your other good news. ;) Blessings to all of you and Merry Christmas.