Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Thank you all for your sweet anniversary wishes. We appreciate every comment and email so much! They make writing all these updates so worth it. We had a lovely anniversary on Monday. We didn't think we'd be able to do anything too special, but my mom surprised us with a romantic "candlelit" dinner in the hospital conference room. It was so sweet, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We followed it up with a movie, almost like at home. I have the best mom ever. :)
Tomorrow's the big day! We're moving to rehab! After just over a week on the regular floor of the hospital, Zane is well enough to move on to some intense therapy. We would have been moving out today, but he spiked a fever yesterday morning. They think it could be tied to a change in his medications, as the fevers have not come back after some of the meds were discontinued. He's also had a bit of a struggle with his appetite and nausea yesterday. But, this could also be due to taking some of his meeds on an empty stomach. He's been taking them with some crackers now and the nausea seems to have subsided.

His grafts continue to heal well, as does the donor site. The donor site was causing him a significant amount of pain, limiting his mobility to almost nothing. They put on a dressing called xeroform that has helped keep the area moist enough that it doesn't dry out and crack & bleed. He's been up walking much more yesterday and today than he has been since the surgery last week. He can now get up out of a chair and sit back down on his own, and with some struggle, can get out of bed himself if the back of the bed is raised up high enough.

His arms a getting stronger, slowly but surely. He fed himself a few bites of pudding today for the first time, with the assistance of a modified long, angled spoon. His left hand is strong enough now to do some more functional things. We purchased an iPad so that he can still get on the Internet, check email, and play games. We prop it up on a table for him and while it takes a good bit of effort, he can do a lot himself, with his left hand. He has a tiny bit of feeling coming back in his right hand, and each day we can see a tiny bit more movement. He saw a hand specialist this morning. She believes there is some nerve damage at the wrist, but it's too early to tell if he may need more surgery or just extensive therapy. She estimated that it would be a year before he gets function back in that hand. Please lift his hands and arms, specifically the right, up in your prayers. We are believing God can work a miracle in them and restore them faster than anticipated.

This morning I did his dressing changes myself, and the nurse showed me how to burn down his hypertrophic skin with silver nitrate. The hypertrophic skin is basically just an overgrowth that needs to be burned down so that good skin can grow in. You just apply a layer of lidocaine to numb the area so it doesn't hurt him. As much as this would have grossed me out before, I was surprised that it didn't bother me at all to do it for Zane.

Zane is just as determined as ever, and is ready to take on rehab full speed ahead. We're looking forward to this next step, and are trusting that God will give him all he needs to work hard and get back to normal.

{our anniversary dinner in the hospital conference room}


Dad and Mom said...

What a special gift to see on your 2nd anniversary. This is one anniversary you'll never forget. Location doesn't matter, food doesn't matter, decorations don't matter, it just shows how much you love each other. No matter where you are.
Zane, I love the tux you choose for dinner!!:) and Courtney you always look like an angel:).
Love you both very very much.
Dad and Mom

Karen said...

What a miracle. I am so thankful for Zane's continued progress. God bless you both.

Dorothy said...

Courtney and Zane, It is so good to see this much progress this soon! I know it doesn't feel 'soon' to you but really it is. I think it is because of all the prayers and your faith, at least that's what we thought with Joe's healing so fast. When the doctors and nurses notice that you are healing much faster than usual, I think it's just God working in a hurry to get you well. He has a job for you to do! So glad you had a special anniversary. Blessings for more progress!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Zane is doing well and is moving up and out. I read your blog almost daily. It is very touching and a tear making material, but I look forward to reading your updates even though I don't know you guys. My prayers are with you through this difficult time. I will keep praying for both of you.
From Downeast Maine.

Love and prayers Janet Barnes

Sarah said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate! You mom is right, you will never forget this anniversary. I can see that this accident has only brought the two of you closer to each other and to God. What a blessing! Praise God for his healing!

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear:Courtney and Zane:
It seem really good to see you gys both out on your 2nd anniversary and you both looked really good.I am really glad you both had a good anniversary and I am glad Zane is moving on to rehab. I pray to god to Zane hand will heal quick and THAT THE therpist are wrong and god will give you guys another mircle. God Bless you both and Take care! Donna M McEachern

Lorraine(ME) said...

Zane and Courtney, you are both such a cute couple!!!! Celebrating the years of your marriage is always such a pleasure and blessing. That was so thoughtful of your mom to set it up for a sweet candle lit dinner. I haven't met you personally but I must say you are both definitely a very special couple. With sharing your heart and love for each other, and especially for your love of our Lord, it's been such a testimony to so many, I am sure. Thank you for sharing!

Will be praying for the sensation in the right hand to return to normal in God-speed time. Hoping that surgery will not be necessary and that quick build up of upper body strength return as well. Zane, we will be praying for your rehab to show amazing accomplishment, and that pain or soreness not to be an issue. Praying for this hurdle to pass quickly so you can return to Maine sooner than expected. You look so amazingly well for all you have been through. You have fought the fight and accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Praising God for all He does. Take care and God bless.

Courtney, when Zane moves to rehab, will that be a new mailing address? Lorraine(ME)

Lori said...


So glad to hear Zane is moving to Rehab! You will both be in my prayers as intense therapy begins! We love you both and know God is taking care of both of you!

Anonymous said...

Zane & Courtney, These BIG steps seem to be coming much quicker than I thought they would. Only God can be responsible for Zane's progress and your positive attitude through this. Will be praying for you as you move to rehab. I know that all will not be easy but God is faithful.

Keep looking up,

Priscilla PHillips

Anonymous said...

Courtney, first I want to say God Bless you for sticking by your husband. You are strong women. Zane is a lucky man to have you. I am hardly on Facebook and just happen to get on and seen a post. I was reading all of your post on your blog. :( I had no idea this happen. Much love and thoughts for the family and especially for Zane. :)

Heather (Fewlass) Garrett

Dad and Mom said...

Awesome anniversary dinner Zane and Courtney! It just occurred to me seeing you enjoying your meal, which is in the conference room where we all gathered to pray several times the first several days asking God to touch Zane with His healing hands. With many scriptures written out on the white board (just behind Courtney)(which the doctors were afraid to erase for a week). Now we see you as evidence of answered prayers, many, many, prayers from so many. Isn't God great? Happy Anniversary; the rest of your life has just begun.

Nancy Chandler said...

Happy Anniversary! What a gift - you two have something very special -- the good Lord will see you through a quick recovery in rehab as well! Best wishes Nancy C. at MPS

Jen Lynds said...

I am so pleased to hear of your happy anniversary. Courtney, please let Zane know that his hand will get better. After heart surgery and chemotherapy, I suffered severe nerve damage in my leg to the point that I could no longer feel or use my foot at all. I couldn't lift it, move it, and eventually had to have several surgeries to lengthen tendons. The doctors told me that nerve damage can be repaired with therapy and rehab and they predicted it would take a year -- one year later, my foot is almost 100 percent. Believe the doctors -- it just takes time and work!