Sunday, December 5, 2010

Up & Down

Zane had a fantastic day yesterday. He was up and very active. He was power-walking the halls and almost gave his nurse and me and heart attack when he tried to walk backwards. He likes to show off just a bit. :) He was feeling really good, which put him in great spirits. He was cracking jokes all day, and giving me a hard time. We took him for a wheel chair ride outside, as it's their policy to have him a wheel chair whenever he goes off the floor. It was freeezzziinng outside so we didn't stay out long. He had another first last night- he had his first Dunkin' Donuts coffee since the accident. There's nothing like it!

Today I gave Zane his second shower since the accident. This time it went much better than the last. His hair looked the best I'd seen it since the accident.. not that he cared. :) When doing his dressing change, we found a few more staples that hadn't been taken out before. It's funny how they keep turning up over time.

In OT this morning, Zane gave his therapist a pleasant surprise with how well he did. She commented that she was very impressed & that he was further along than she thought he'd be. He's working super hard, and is so determined to get his function back.

Zane struggled with nausea today. They're not sure what's causing it, but he got sick a couple times today and once yesterday. His doctors are going to look at it more closely, but it could just be a side effect of his medications or simply his stomach still trying to regulate itself again. He felt a little better this afternoon so he came down the cafeteria with me so I could get some lunch. The nausea hung around all evening, so he pretty much just layed low.

My dad and grandparents had been visiting for the weekend and my mom went home with them today so that she could drive us a car back down. We figure Zane will be able to at least go out for the afternoons soon, so we should have a car for him to ride in. He wouldn't be comfortable on the T or in a taxi, so we figured it was time to bring the car. Up until now, we've just been walking. But, Spaulding is too far away for that. We are SO looking forward to breaking him loose and getting him out more.

Every day I am more amazed at how strong Zane has remained. He is truly my example of reliance on God. He's just so unshakable. Nothing that he's going through has had the power to get him down. While how he's feeling physically may go up and down, his faith hasn't budged an inch.


Nathan said...

Looking good Zane. Don't drink the coffee too fast!

Anonymous said...

atta boy keep up the good work see you soon!!!

Brent Marquis

Donna M McEachern said...

Dear: Courtney and Zane:
Zane it really looks like you are enjoying that dunkin donut coffee. I am glad that you are back to enjoying thing like that again.You look really good. Keep up the good work. Courtney you look good also and I am glad that things are going good. I am also glad that Zane can go out pretty soon. I bet he will like that for sure and you will also. My prayers are still with you both that the mircle of god will heal his hand really quick.
God Bless and Take care: Donna M McEachern

Paula S. said...

Precious picture! It must have tasted so good to have that first sip of Dunkin Donuts coffee :) You look so great Zane! It is wonderful to see you out in your wheelchair and getting some fresh air. God Bless You both and good luck with the first full week at the rehab center.

Lori said...


Keep working hard and you will be home before you know it! We love you and are still praying for you and Courtney. Trying to teach Titus to say "howdy" with his hat. If I ever get him to do it I will make sure to video and send it to you! You are looking good and we are very glad to know you are getting out more.

Dorothy said...

Great progress, Zane! Courtney, I know you get tired of me comparing Zane's accident and progress with my son's, but it is so similar it's like I'm going through it all over again! I have to laugh when you told ablout find staples here and there, because that's just the way it was with Joe! Also I smiled about the Dunkin Donuts coffee because my husband loves it, too! He orders it 10 pounds at the time from Boston! Looking forward to more progress reports!
God IS good!

Heidi said...

Love the picture! Dunkin would be first on my list too. The two of you are such an inspiration. Trials in life, as difficult as they are, makes us realize how much we need the Lord--not just even day by day, but moment by moment.

Anonymous said...

Zane is so inspiring. We all have to take a step back this Christmas and really think about what is important. His love and faith in God when he is in so pain chills me. I admire Zane so much. What an unbelieveable man. You know, kids don't fall far from their roots. His parents, Linda and Alan are truly two strong and admireable people. They lead a christian life and did such a great job of raising Zane. Having two sons of my own that I am so proud of, I can only imagine how proud they are of Zane. The entire family is becoming so close to me. I love them all and I plan to be their friends for life!! Courtney, you are so perfect for Zane and so worthy. I admire you too. Love you guys, Cindy from Columbus, Ohio.

paige renee said...

I started reading your blog just a few days before Zane's accident and wanted to tell you what a huge inspiration you both are to me. I am constantly in awe of your never-faltering faith, courage, and strength during this difficult time. You both have been and will continue to be on my prayer list.

Anonymous said...

Zane, It's so great to see you makeing such great progress. God is so good! That coffee must have been such a treat. Still praying for you.
Keep looking up,
Priscilla Phillips

MommaAmma said...

Zane looks great! And you're building quite a love story that makes my heart melt each time I read your posts.