Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Deal Alert

Heads up for all you pillow-loving people: Restoration Hardware's entire outdoor pillow collection is on super clearance! Right now you can get any of the following for only $10.99.

I like using some outdoor pillows inside- you can't beat the durability of the fabric. Whether you have messy kids or just a messy husband, they hold up much better. Virtually run - don't walk - over to their site to scoop yourself up a few.. or ten. :)

{note: there are a bunch more colors than I posted. And no, no one compensated me for this post. I just couldn't keep the deal to myself.}

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love the Look? {Pink Birds}

I'm a sucker for all those advertising emails.

"Why, you have a new fall collection? Yes, of course I'd love to see it." "The must-have mirror of the century? Don't mind if I do!"

You get the idea.

So somehow I wound up at Z Gallerie looking around and found some little gems that reminded me of something pretty I'd seen a while back.. In fact, I knew they'd be just the thing to reproduce the decor at a super-affordable price. Take a peek:

Find the gulls here for a mere $25!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Congrats, Emily

I'm thinking she'll be the breath of fresh air HGTV needs. Mixing fashion and design is big right now, and I think she'll do great with it. Congrats, girl. You deserved it.

{ps.. have you checked out her blog?? Hilarious.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Two

So did you guys wonder how long I'd go without talking about Design Star? I honestly haven't been a huge fan of this season, but my interest has peaked here recently. It's nice to have the focus be more on design and less on Nina drama. :) Emily and Michael are the perfect pair to be in the top 2. I have to agree with Bryn, though- Emily's my fave. I just took a minute to check out their portfolios and stack them up- see for yourself. Here's Emily's:

And here's Michael's:

So, what do you think? Who should be the next design star?


FYI- I'm over on Layers of Meaning today giving you the scoop on who my fave artist is. Check it out!


Early Friday morning (and by early, I mean 2 am) Zane and I will be flying to Houston to drive home a truck we just bought. We're planning to make a few stops to see family and friends, and be back by Sunday night. For those of you who are wondering.. Texas has cheaper trucks (and they don't have rust like New England ones), and yes we're really traveling over 4500 miles in 3 days. We're young, spontaneous, and grew up road-tripping.. let's just hope we can actually prop our eyes open long enough to drive through both Friday and Saturday night. So, needless to say, I'll be MIA still until next week. If you could say a prayer for our safety (and sanity), it would be much appreciated. My sisters leave for college tomorrow morning so I'm off to join in a little board game action now.. catch you guys next week!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soaking Up Summer

My posts are a bit sparse lately, so I thought I owed you all a reason why.. or rather, a few reasons, because it's never just one thing. :)

#1- My little sisters leave for college next week so there's been lots of sister time.

#2- Design classes.. need to get my butt going on this whole drafting thing.

#3- I'm the speaker for a young women's retreat next month & have a TON of work to do for that.

It's tough when your passions don't leave much room for play.. or blogging. I'm trying to slow down a bit & enjoy the last of the sunny season.. which ends early here in New England. So as summer's quickly flying by & fall will be here soon, here are a few reminders of my favorite time of year..

It's been a good summer for me.. and having lost 10 lbs this spring, I'll be missing shorts & swimsuits. A few more pounds to go, and I'll need a new wardrobe for this fall.. so I guess I'm looking forward to it after all. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Still {heart} Ikat

Ikat has been around the design world for a while, comparatively speaking with other trends. But, I've never stopped loving it for one moment. And, it seems to still be going strong. Check out this article by AT, and this one from the Examiner (from my own Portland, ME).

Well, when I saw this comforter set from Target, I had to have it. I wish I could remember which blogger first posted about it- I'd love to give credit, because this is a fabulous deal.

Doesn't it remind you of this Madeline Weinrib print?

Or this one from Thibaut..

Here's the Target comforter in our basement "studio" apartment.

I like that it works in our current small space, and will transition into our new home as well. And, even if it doesn't work so well in the new house, it wasn't much of an investment anyway. Are you guys still in love with Ikat?

For The Love Of: Wood

Summertime and wood seem to go in hand for me.. driftwood at the beach, sitting on logs around a campfire, stacking logs in the fire, the list goes on. I'm headed to the beach for the weekend with my sisters.. one last getaway together before they leave for college. Hope you all enjoy yours! See you Monday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In My Purse...

My purse can be a total hazard zone at times, but I like to think I'm just prepared. While I may have cleaned out my gum wrappers and excessive amount of hair elastics for the photos, the array is still quite varied. Curious what gets thrown in there? Click on over to Layers of Meaning today, where I'm participating in the "Through Her Eyes" series.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Your Opinion: Beds

When I saw this image over on PK's blog, it got me thinking..

I LOVE big puffy beds! To me, luxury is a super plush mattress, soft, quality sheets and a big, warm comforter/duvet. Although, structured, sleek beds have their charm as well.

{Cottage Living}

What about you guys? Big and fluffy or sleek & structured? Please tell!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New England Girl Goes Southern

I'm a New England girl, through and through. So, why did a Southern Living subscription just show up in my mailbox? To diversify maybe? To channel by inner southern belle? To admire southern architecture? Who knows, but I'm loving it.

The August issue featured an AMAZING home garden. Check out this Alabama paradise:

Umm.. anyone else want to move to Alabama now?? I just love that you could get lost in this garden. The owners paid attention to every last detail.. from the waterfall to the stone diving board.. I'm totally itching to see what their house looks like!!