Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Back to Real Life

I think it's safe to say that I've been living in a bubble for the past 3 1/2 months. My world literally stopped spinning as it was and I focused on nothing more than Zane... praying him through recovery and taking care of his every need. Other than some remote computer work, emailing, and conference calls, I haven't worked a normal job. I haven't had a normal schedule or routine, other than Zane's needs and appointments.

I go back to work on Monday.. 6 days from now. I'm not going to lie, it's going to be hard to make the change. I am a financial coordinator for a private practice and ambulatory surgical center. I pretty much stare at numbers all day long, and the environment I'm in is often quite stressful. It'll be a little tough to focus on all that and not think about how Zane might be doing. But, it is a wake-up call that life must go on. We must ease ourselves back into our communities and into doing the same activities we did before, as much as possible.

Along with the transitions that we'll have to make in our real lives, I'll be making transitions here as well. This blog was about interior design and home improvement prior to Zane's accident, and it will be getting back to that over time. I think it only natural that it will be much more personal from now on- including more "us-related" things. You all have shared the most difficult battle and miraculous victory of our lives.. I don't feel as if I'm just "the girl with a love for design" to you all anymore. So.. if you want an update on Zane, stop on by. Chances are there will still be plenty of that. If you want to know what our plans are for our house or my latest design inspiration, stick around. That will be trickling back into my posts as well.

{Zane and I in our VERY packed Civic.. no rear view here!}


Sarah said...

so nice to hear you are getting back into the grove of things again. i can only compare that to having a baby and spending 3 months at home with a new little life to take care of, not going to work and solely focusing on caring for that one little person. so glad zane is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Great you are back in the county. Sorry we didnt make the party at the snow mobile club saturday night Zeke had surgery on Thursday and wasnt up to it. Please stop by and visit if you get a chance we would love to see you both. Good Luck going back to work Courtney and both of you take care. Hope to see you soon. Gail & Zeke

pk @ Room Remix said...

Hi Courtney,
I'm so happy to hear that things are steadily moving forward, even though sometimes that's hard too. All the best to you as you go back to work. (That's such a cute picture of you and Zane :-))

Sarah said...

Hi! So glad you're going home! Good luck with the transition back to work. Love how cute you guys look stuffed into the car! Drive safe, the weather has been terrible lately here..I'm kinda done with snow, even though it does look pretty!

Kate Borders said...

Look forward to keeping up with you as you get back to real life!
Kate (Victoria's friend from NJ)

Anonymous said...

Zane & Courtney, Finally have my computer back so I can get caught up on the updates. It's certainly an answer to prayer that you are now back "on the ridge". We were not able to make your open house but were thinking of you. On that day back in October I was not sure if we would see these results or not - GOD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS!. I'll continue to remember you as you go back to work and Zane continues with therapy.

Keep Looking Up

Priscilla PHIllips

Annie said...

i hope the transition back to work and real life goes well hun. i'm sure falling back into a routine and your life as it was before will take time but you two will get there! :)

Carolyn said...

Hi! I found your blog about a week before Zane's accident and have read this religiously throughout his recovery... I just wanted to say "HI" and that I am SO happy to see that you all are finally heading home and that Zane continues to heal and recover. Best of luck returning to work :-)


Anonymous said...

Courtney & Zane,
I've anticiapted this transition and rejoice with you in it! These last few months whenever I've been really busy I've thought about you and knew what you were doing, taking care of each other. It has strengthened my testimony and my love for other people to see you both taken care of. You are both so beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Kara Lanctot

Our Photographic Memory said...

So glad that you guys are getting ready to transition back into some sense of "normalcy". I have been routing for you two and saying tons of prayers along the way! I do have a question, Is there any kind of time frame as far as Z returning to work or does he even want to return to the same type of job? IF that is too personal, I understand!!

Lori said...

Very happy to know you guys made it home safe and are easing back in to your new normal lives. We miss you both!!

The Cushman's said...

Welcome back to The County and particularly The Ridge!! It is good to see vehicles at the house all the time!! Your "Normal" will never be what it was....just a new normal! Everybody had to make adjustments in life...marriage, children,losses and additions...yours is just a little more drastic than ours! Prayers go up for you as you both settle into your new normal!Take care and God Bless!!

Warren and Sherri

The DIY Show Off said...

It's been a while, dear friend but you're not forgotten. I've been praying for you/Zane through this and I'm glad to see that you're going home and to hear more about Zane's miracle. Thinking and praying for you still and looking forward to catching up. :)

Take care.
God bless.

Ruth Boyd said...

So I was looking up crafty things to do and saw your duvet cover (which is awesome btw). While I was browsing thru the design ideas I came across the updates about Zane. I just graduated nursing school and saw the notes about his grafts and was curious what happened. So I followed the posts back to the beginning. WOW- is all I have to say. Actually no, GOD IS AMAZING- is all I have to say. My husband had an appendectomy last year on halloween and I was so scared for him- even though it was a seemingly simple surgery. After reading Zane's story, I can say that really put our story into perspective. I commend you for your strength and trust in God. Your story truly is a miracle and one that shows just how much God can do for those whom He loves. May He continue to bless you and Zane through his ongoing recovery :) Thank you for sharing :)