Friday, February 11, 2011


Zane and I have been back home for a week now and I've gone back to work. Overall, things are going quite well. I'm getting back into a routine at the office and beginning to dig my way out of a mound of paperwork and to-do lists. Zane has started therapy up here and we're very happy with the treatment he's getting. He's making improvements each week. Lately, his right hand has been hurting, but we think it's because the feeling is starting to come back. Praise God!! He's sleeping and eating better and his strength is improving as well. It's been a little hard to leave him for the whole day while I'm at work since I've spent every moment taking care of him for the last few months. But, when I can't be there, my mom usually is and I know he's in excellent hands.

As most of you know, Zane and I have been living in my parents' basement apartment while we wait and save up to build our house. Previously, we'd planned to break ground this spring. But, because Zane was going to do a lot of the work himself and is now unable to, we'll probably have to put that dream on hold for a while. In light of that, my dad worked relentlessly to finish off the basement while we were in Boston. It is almost completely finished now, and we have started to make it our own. Its layed out studio style with one big open area and a walk-in closet. I'm designing it to have bedroom, living, and office areas. As we make progress in getting it decorated, I'll be sure to share. Here are a couple shots of it during the final phase of construction:

Stay tuned!

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Tricia said...

So glad that you are home and finding your new normal. What a beautiful family you both have! Such love is an amazing gift! Your "new" home is looking wonderful. It will surely be a lovely place for you two.


Mildred said...

So happy you are home. How grand that your dad has completed so much work on the basement apt. for you two. You will enjoy tailoring it for your and Zane's specific needs and I'll look forward to what you have planned. After a year of having our home on the market, we have sold to a lovely young family with two small children. It makes leaving here much easier because they love the home and gardens so much. I'll be sharing our new journey in a very tiny, handicapped accessible home. God has truly blessed us and answered so many prayers. We are eager to make new memories in this next chapter of our lives.

Wishing you both a very sweet Valentine's Day.

nobelle said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I am really inspired by the way you love your husband and the way you have found strength in God in these circumstances. I will keep both of you in prayer. Thanks for sharing God's love through your story.

Elizabeth said...

You have most excellent parents!