Saturday, March 5, 2011

iPhone Love

I was super excited to hear that Verizon was getting the iPhone. But, I knew I probably wouldn't end up buying one for myself. Well, a couple days before Valentines Day Zane told me that I was going to have to get up early and wait for my present this year. Well, I got in line early in the morning and was the 5th customer to get one! And, I LOVE it! I just ordered this adorable Kate Spade cover.
I've started to get my feet wet with apps too. I already have a Bible app, a blogging app, RSS feed, Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, HGTV, a daily devotional, weather, the awesome find my iPhone app, and a few others. Any suggestions on apps you guys love?


Anonymous said...

Are you a game playing person? Angry Birds and Words with Friends are two popular addicting games!! I will look through my phone to see what other apps I would recommend!

Toria said...

Angry Birds is quite an addicting game... so it the bubble wrap one, hahaha.