Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zane Update

Zane and I went to Boston last weekend for a few follow up appointments. We met first with his audiologist to repeat hearing tests he had a couple months ago. The tests determined that his hearing had not shown any significant improvement, so they have scheduled him to see an ENT doc and have a hearing aid evaluation done.

(he's giving me the evil eye here for taking a photo during his test. Haha)

We also met with his burn surgeon, Dr. Pomahac. He thought Zane's skin was looking good overall, but contractures in the right armpit, wrist, and web spacing between the thumb and pointer finger are becoming problematic. While Zane has gotten a good bit of improvement in the armpit/shoulder in therapy, the skin is preventing him from getting full range back. His joints are also very stiff in those areas. Because of this, they are planning releases of the right armpit and wrist as well as closed manipulations of all three joints. We will go down the last week of April for surgery and the audiology appointments. Zane's surgery is scheduled for April 25. We sure would appreciate your prayers that day.

Zane has been doing fabulous in therapy. In fact, a reporter friend came to therapy on Monday and wrote an article about Zane. It ended up taking up half of the front page of the newspaper!

We have continued speaking at area churches. We have had 3 appointments so far, and quite a few more coming up. We find ourselves truly loving it. We are accepting all offers on days we aren't already booked and are finding huge fulfillment in sharing our story. We do it tag team style- I talk first about the part he "slept" through, and then he picks up with the rest. We are seriously praying about our future in ministry.


Mildred said...

What an awesome opportunity to share with others what the Lord has done for you both through this trial. I pray that the surgery goes well on Apr. 25. Hope you both have a nice weekend.

Karen said...

I pray that God leads and guides you every step of the way! Thanks for the update!