Monday, June 27, 2011

Another One Down

I just got the call that Zane's surgery is done. The doctor said all went well, they did both the neck flap and right web space release. For the neck, they cut out the scar tissue that's outlined below:

They then took a flap (skin, tissue, and vein) from the left thigh and placed it on the neck. The vein from the thigh flap was reattached to veins in his neck in order to get blood flow in the flap and keep it alive. Dr. Pomahac told me that they were a little concerned because the vein was small, and was at risk of collapsing. They are going to monitor it very closely in ICU to make sure blood flow continues. If it doesn't, they risk having to do everything over again.

They were able to pull the two sides of skin from the area where the flap was taken together and suture it closed. There was only a small section where they couldn't suture it together and they had to take a graft from another area of the thigh the cover the flap site.

They also did several z-plasty's or releases on his right web space, which didn't require grafting. Dr. Pomahac said that he thinks these will really increase Zane's functionality.

So overall, good results. We just have to pray for his neck, that that vein will stay open and strong. We've already had many prayers about it here, and would appreciate yours as well. We have total faith that God is in control and will watch out for Zane's every need. No matter what the outcome, HE is faithful and we will choose to be people of faith ourselves. I will be able to go to the PAC-U and see Zane in about another half hour. Praise God for One more surgery going


Anonymous said...

You are a trooper Zane! I know what a nuisance scar tissue can be, ugh!!!! Praying for successful healing for you:)
Love you, Court, you are doing amazing as well!

Brenda said...

Yep, Zane, hope that you're able to make more faces for the camera soon. It will be hard to hold still for a couple days, but you'll come through it. Praying you'll be still (and know).