Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yesterday was a much better day for Zane. They took him off some of the restrictions so that he could sit up, eat, and function more normally. They changed his pain medicine from morphine to dilaudid, which he's had a much better history of responding to. The change helped dramatically. His pain was better under control and the nausea subsided. When my sister and I walked into his room yesterday morning, he had just eaten steak tips. BIG improvement over the juice and 2 bites of jello he'd had the day before.

As the day went on yesterday, there were waves of pain that would come and go, but overall he was a different person. They took him off the IV and oxygen and he was able to get up to go to the bathroom.

Today was a good day as well. Zane is eating just like normal, and is making jokes again. The pain in his legs is still too intense to do much walking, but he is able to get around a little better. I helped him get into normal clothes today, so he's more comfortable that way too. The doctors have been in several times to check out how the flap is doing, and so far, so good! The dangerous period of time for that flap & vein is over, so they don't have to ultrasound it that much.

Yesterday we noticed some paralysis of Zane's right side of his lips. It affects his smile, eating, and ability to do things like whistle. It's gotten a little better today, but we're definitely keeping it in prayer.

Tonight we took Zane outside in a wheelchair for the first time, and I had a bit of a tough time convincing him that running away early probably wasn't the best option.

(first photo is w/me, second is with my sister)

Tomorrow the dressings on his hand will come down and the wound vac will come off his leg and he'll be discharged. I am so thankful that God brought Zane through this surgery. It was a really rough first couple days, but we do believe what the Bible says- God will not give us more than what He'll give us the strength to handle. God brought all of us through yet another test, another strengthening of our faith. And I believe it will only help us grow.

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Marydon said...

Believe, He is with us always & He hears all our prayers. Give Zane a huge hug that we are so tickled with his big improvements.

Have a lovely holiday, Courtney ~