Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back Home & Things I love

Zane and I came back home on Sunday and laid low for the 4th. He's doing much better. Still not up to par, but he's actually bouncing back much faster than I thought he would. He's already weaned himself off the extra pain meds and is back to just a normal, small dose. His neck is still really swollen, but it's looking good. It's actually starting to grow leg hair... Zane joked that he'd have to start shaving his leg. :)

While we were in Boston, my sister and I had to make a quick run to the Verizon store & I told her she needed to experience the Anthropologie store in Back Bay. She loved it, of course. We picked out these babies to put on the desk I want to make:

I want to make a desk that's a mix of this (please excuse iPhone screen shot):

{from Arteriors}

and this:


LOVE! And speaking of things I love... Zane wants to build me some barstools for the new house kinda like these:

{also from Arteriors}

mixed with these:

Like how we're mashing furniture together today? Thought you might! Anyway, that's a few things I'm loving right now. :)

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Lori said...

Love the ideas for a desk and bar stools. So glad to hear Zane is getting better. We love you guys!


"Howdy"--from Titus