Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Successful Surgery

Sorry for the delay! The hospital experience is a bit different this time around. With Zane being much healthier, he's more active than before. But anyway, on to surgery news.

Zane had his right armpit/shoulder, elbow and wrist all released. They basically cut each area open, stretch it, and place new skin in that area.

Zane's upper right thigh was the donor site for this surgery. They took a pretty large area of skin, but it's not a really deep cut so it should heal relatively quickly. His right arm is all wrapped in wound dressings and ace wraps. Now, I'm probably identifying myself as a nerd by going into detail about all this but I know some of mom's nurse friends read this, so let's pretend it's for them and not just cuz I'm a nerd. :) They used THE COOLEST dressing on Zane's armpit release. They call it a wound vac and basically it's a big sponge they put over the grafted area. It's secured down with a clear adhesive sheet and there's a small tube attached through the sheet to the sponge. When the machine connected to the tube is turned on, it applies negative pressure, kind of a light suction on the area. That way, all of the blood and drainage doesn't just seep into a dry dressing, but is extracted away from the wound.

Okay, so how many of you did I just lose or gross out? :) sorry about that. I used to hate this stuff. I wanted nothing to do with medicine... And here I am just eating it up. Go figure. :)

Anyway, Zane is doing really well after surgery. He's dealing with some pain of course, but that's expected. His doctor has told us that he thinks the armpit and elbow release will really help, but that the wrist release probably won't do much for him. He thinks the restriction in the movement of Zane's wrist is mostly muscle and tendon tightness and not skin. So, that's something that Zane will just have to work on in therapy. It's been neat seeing all his old nurses. They put him back on the floor he was on previously, so there are a lot of familiar faces.

We are praising God for such a great surgery outcome. We waited in the recovery area for 8 hours on Monday and were getting a little antsy when we found out the reason it was taking so long was because they were getting Zane a private room. Does God take care of His children or what? He is so faithful.

Here's a look at Zane before surgery..

And after...

And lastly, here are a couple from today. We got him back in a t shirt and outside for a walk.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Going into Surgery #7

Hi all, I know I've been MIA for a while. It's been a very busy/stressful couple of weeks. Zane is having surgery this morning so I wanted to get a quick post out to ask for you prayers. We flew down yesterday and this morning he'll be operated on at 7:30 (if all is running on time). He's having his right armpit and wrist released to allow for better range of motion. He's done really well with therapy but basically therapy can't do much more on that right side. The skin has contracted and is so tight that it prevents him from normal motion. There's a chance that he'll get some work done on his elbow and thumb on the right side, but we'll have to wait to find out. After this surgery, he'll be hospitalized for about 5 days to make sure the grafts take and start to heal properly. Your prayers for this surgery would be very much appreciated. It should be pretty straightforward, but I suppose there's always the chance for complications. We have full faith that God will bring him through this smoothly just as He's taken him this far since October. I'll post an update once surgery is over. Thank you so much for your prayers.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Deal Alert: Chevron Throw

I stopped at KMart today during lunch and spotted these adorable, fuzzy, chevron print throws on clearance for $17. I know, KMart, right? Who would have thought?

They also come in a dusty brown (photo not totally true to color).

I didn't pick one up because it wasn't long ago I bought a similar one, but I hope someone takes advantage of this steal!

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